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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Tribute

To Mrs. Lapp,

You don't know me, but I am grieving for you.

I heard about the accident that took your two sons lives. I'm sure your pain cannot be put into words and that no words can, or will ever, erase that empty feeling.
It brings me some comfort, and hopefully brings you some as well, to see the outpouring of love from your Amish nieghbors and community.  In my opinion, many of us so-called "Westerners" could learn a few things from the Amish.

After all, more than 200 members of your community went with you to the crash site to offer their love and support.  This community, these Amish neighbors, have seen more than their fair share of grief and hurt.    It is my understanding that you and your family live only a short distance from the site of the schoolhouse shooting not so long ago.

Perhaps, Mrs. Miller, who lost two daughters in that tragedy or Mrs. Stoltzfus, who had three members of her family shot that day, can offer you some sort of comfort.   The Stoltzfuses buried their 12 year old, but were able to offer immediate forgiveness to the shooter.  

You are right to surround yourself with people like this.

As for me, I have nothing but cliches and empty words.  Your boys, your babies, are gone.  I believe that you will see them again, but I do not know when.  And like many, I have no answer as to why this has happened.

May your deep faith help you through this dark and uncertain time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Update - pictures, bike riding and hiding from hail

Some of you who popped by this morning or over the weekend saw my post with the hail storm photos. Whew...we still haven't fully recovered from how crazy that really was.

As for my "What I'd like to accomplish list" I did pretty well.
I finally got Big G's photos taken. Here are the two I like best. It wasn't too hard to pick because a) the guy taking the photos must have been relatively new; he got glare from her glasses on three of the photos. Hello. You are taking digital photos. Look at the one you just took and find out if there is glare. b) she just had spring photos taken at school so I really only needed a small package.

I figured out my mileage for DH and the total came to almost $1,000; I guess that will work out to my benefit. Good thing I kept track.

After much debate and a few comments, I decided to keep the scrapbook page just as it is. It is growing on me.

The birth announcements for my friend are 90 percent complete. I still haven't taken a photo. They are very simple, but I think that she will like them. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

All 34 pages I made last weekend are now in a new scrapbook album. I love it. Nothing beats getting all those into page protectors!

The house is very quiet because all of the bambinos are at school and I'm tempted to just blog all afternoon, but alas laundry is beckoning and I must run the vacuum. Dog hair is over taking my home!

What did you accomplish this weekend?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Holy HAIL! - pictures from our freak hail storm

I should preface this post by saying shortly before this mamoth hail storm, I took all the kids and the dog to the park to ride bikes.  If we had not left when we did, we would have been caught in this mess.  The thought is really terrifying to me as I'm sure these hail balls would have really hurt us and I don't know where we would have hid.

This is my yard.  If you look closely you can see each individual hail ball.  We had to actually shovel our driveway.  That's how much hail we got.

This is the hail that came out of our rain spouting.
This is the hail in my hubby's hands.  He is 6'2".  The hail is HUGE!
This is one of the holes I have in the siding of my house.
It sounded like a tornado.  It was so loud and super intense.  One minute it was thundering, the next minute is was pouring hail from the sky.  Totally freaky...I'm so blessed that I wasn't at the park with all my babies!
Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday High Five - What I want to accomplish this weekend

It's time for Friday High Five again.  If you'd like to play along click here for details.  I've found out that if I blog about what I want to accomplish over the weekend, I tend to actually accomplish it.  What do you think about that?  It's probably just a fluke.
Here is what I'd like to accomplish this weekend:
  1. Take oldest for her 10 year pictures.  I debated if I really wanted to do this.  We have fall school pictures and spring school pictures.  We all know that the older they get the less their looks change, but I think I'm still going to take her to Sears for pictures with the big number 10.  It's been a tradition since my kids were wee little and I think I will regret it if I don't do it.  I figure I won't take her again until she turns 15.
  2. Figure out my work milage from 2008 so my hubby can get to work on the taxes.  Maybe if I hand over all of my information it will motivate him get started.  After all, the clock is ticking.
  3. Figure out why I don't like this scrapbook layout:
4.   Finish making some birth annoucement for my friend's upcoming baby shower.  Just for the many baby showers did you have?
5.  Put all 34 pages I made last weekend into a new scrapbook. 
If I have time, I'd really like to start making two new Disney autograph books.  My cousin and her daughters are traveling there at the end of April and I told her I would make a book for each of the girls.  One wants Tinkerbelle and the other wants Cinderella.
Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who I'm praying for

When I saw this week's writer's prompt over at Mama Kat's I thought, "Wow, can I really write about that. Can I just write about one?"

There are so many people I am praying for that I cannot just mention one.

I am praying for my mom; she hasn't been feeling well and an ultrasound found a cyst on her kidney. She had some sort of dye injected into her on Monday and is awaiting her test results. Options range from "Oh it's nothing" to "Sorry you have kidney cancer." I am praying that she can handle whatever may come to be.

I am praying for my nephew; he has juvenile diabetes and lately his blood sugar has been spiking all over the place.

I am praying for my other nephew; he is almost 20 months old and he doesn't stand up. He doesn't creep, cruise or any other "c" word for walk. I am worried about him.

I am praying for my sister-in-law's dear friend, Jess. She is a young mother of four. Her children are all under the age of 8. She has breast cancer. Her baby is only 6 months old. She has been sick since her last trimester and right now isn't doing very well.

I am praying for my grandmother, who is trying to start living again after the death of my grandfather.

I am praying for many things. Too many? I'm not sure. How will things turn out? I don't know. Do I believe prayer makes a difference? Absolutely!

LOST - Sayid is Sexy

Call me crazy but I find Sayid to be quite Sexy. I know your thinking which part, when he was randomly shooting people pleading for their lives or at the end when he shot a 12 year old Ben Linus?
Last night's episode provided more questions than answers for me. We found out why the Anna Lucia look-a-like was taking Sayid to Guam, but we aren't really sure if she was truthful about whom she worked for.

We found out that Sayid wanted to "change his ways" but that death has been a "no biggy" for him since he was a very young child. Poor chicken.

We found out that Ben will say anything to get what he wants, but I think we already knew that.

We found out the Anna Lucia look-a-like can kick Sayid's ass even when she is half naked.

Questions I know have after watching last night's episode:

  • Did Sayid just wound young Ben? If he's dead, how's that going to work? Will it be Back to the Future is and things will start to disappear?

  • What is up with Sawyer? Where does his loyalty lie? Is he really an other now?

  • Will the Dharma initiative be wiped out now or won't that happen now that Ben's future is questionable?

  • Where is Miles? Where is Faraday?

  • When are we going to learn what happened to Bernard and Rose and all of those people? Are they trapped in the 1980s? Will Rose have Diana Ross hair?

I'm sure I have more questions, but it's early here. I'm not thinking straight yet.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's true...I'm a complete failure

I've been trying to read one book a  month.  TRYING.  For all of you read-aholics out there, don't laugh.  It is really hard for me.  I figured, IF I could keep this goal, I would read 12 books in one year, which for me would be quite an accomplishment.

Last month, I read Gods Behaving Badly and LOVED it. Cute, funny, easy read. This month, I made the mistake of trying to tackle WICKED.

This book is full of richly complicated details, amazing scenery, and has an in-depth storyline.  All of these things sound great, but they apparently don't work for me. 
It was so slow!  It was so detailed that sometimes I couldn't understand.  It was too much for me to get through.  After renewing at the library twice, keeping it for 6 long weeks, I GAVE up on it today.
I made it through almost 250 pages and had about 200 more to go and just couldn't bring myself to do it.
Confession time...have you ever given up on a book and why?  Come on, there must have been at least one book in your life you couldn't get through.  Leave me a comment, so I know to avoid it in the future.
April's book:  Where Are You Now?  by Mary Higgins Clark.  Why?  Because I need something that takes place in this century and has no talking animals.
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tribute - my 300th post

Today is Tuesday's Tribute over at Halftime Lessons. The idea is to write a post as a tribute to someone or something. Mr. Linky is up over there...why aren't you playing along?

Today is my 300th post and I feel like I should have something witty and funny to write about, but I really don't.

Today's post is all about my middle daughter.

She is the sledder in the back with her mouth hanging open.

She is almost 8; she is loud and sometimes opinionated. She missed me the most when I was away this weekend. She loves to read, she likes to wear all one color. She can be easily frustrated, but will be the first to come to your defense. She fits into just about every cliche you have ever heard about a middle child.

Last Tuesday I took her to the pediatricians to be tested for diabetes. It runs in our family. My 8 year old nephew has it. My dad has had issues with blood sugar in the past. My sister is hypoglycemic and I probably am somewhat too.

Middle daughter is not diabetic. She is reactively hypoglycemic. I'm not really sure what all that means. This is what I do know.

  • She needs to eat frequently or she turns into emotional goo;

  • Protein rich snacks are the best choice;

  • This is something she may grow out of;

  • Getting "permission" for your kid to have a snack in the middle of the day at school isn't as easy as it should be;

  • After just one week of following more of a routine, I'm noticing a big difference.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update - Tons of scrapbooking, Loads of Fun

I made it to and from my weekend away safe and sound.
The trip didn't start out that well.  I made it to the highway before I realized that I forgot all of the cricut cartridges (GASP).  That added 20 minutes to my 2 1/2 hour trip.  Traveling through Harrisburg on Friday never works out the way you want it too and then there was an accident on 81N that caused me to sit still much longer than I wanted too.

It took me almost four hours to get there, but I made it.

Shortly after we arrived, Megan and I learned that the closest Chili's was 56 miles away.  Seriously!
So we took a chance with a tiny little Mexican place not far from the hotel and was wonderful.  I had a Pina Colada, Meg had a Margarita.  There was even a mariachi (don't think I spelled that right) band!

My chicken fajita was EXCELLENT!  When we got back to the hotel we stopped by the jacuzzi.
I completed 34 scrapbook layouts.  I still need to add a few stickers and journal on a few of them, but otherwise...they are done!  YEAH!
We slept when we wanted to, ate when we wanted to, and drank what we wanted to.  It was a very relaxing time.  As usual, on Sunday, we stopped by the local Ms for some scrapbook stuff we needed and then had lunch at Wendy's.
How was your weekend??
Friday, March 20, 2009

For's not too late!

Look what we did today!  Little G shaved his head in honor of St. Baldrick's, a charity that provides funding for childhood cancer research.  If you would like to learn more about this amazing charity event visit Jay's Blog.
It's not too late too late to offer your support!  For every $5 you donate you will be entered into an amazing giveaway.
Grand prize winner gets their blog advertised on Jay's bald head! 
Seriously, can you really say no to that??

Friday High Five -- What I'm doing this weekend

In only a few short hours I will be heading north for my scrapbook weekend.  Yeah!  I'm so looking forward to this.  It's been almost a year since I've seen my friend, Megan, and I really need a weekend just for me.

Here are five things I hope to do:
  • Go to Chili's for dinner tonight.  I really like their mushroom Jack fatijas....not to mention their giant margaritas.
  • Scrapbook six months of photos.  That is not really possible, but it's good to have goals.  LOL
  • Get in the hotel jacuzzi!  Self-explanatory.
  • Call my sister every 15 minutes on Saturday to find out how things are going at the Walk to Defeat Juvenile Diabetes in Greenville, N.C.
  • Sleep as long as I want!
What do you have planned this weekend?  To read more Friday High Five post, click here.

P.S. Everytime I've clicked on my blog lately there has been a new follower! This makes me uber happy. If you aren't following, what's stoppin ya???
Thursday, March 19, 2009

Open Letter to my Fan Club

Dear Fan Club:

We have three new members! Yeah! I tried to click on the new postage stamp photos (which are off to the right of my blog) but nothing happened.

I like to visit all the members as often as I can, but for some reason I can't seem to find everyone.

If you are a member and you haven't seen a comment from me lately, leave me a comment and I will pop over and see you.

OMG...the baby is ETHAN...Sun is in the future...UGH

How many of you fellow Losties, nearly dropped your wine glass when the screen flashed from dear Sun and Lapidus to our other island dwellers and said 30 years earlier! I thought I saw that wrong but then...this is LOST after all.

The other big revelation of the evening....the baby's is ETHAN OMG! I did not see that coming.

Clever how Sawyer/Jim/LeFluer got Hurley, Jack and Kate on the list; ironic how they new recruits arrived the same day as those three.

What will happen with Sayid? Has he figured out things aren't what they appear...has he figured out that it is 1977? Has he figured out that sweet, big glasses wearin' boy is THE Ben.

Even though I'm not a big fan of Sawyer and Juliet, I felt bad for her when she had to save Kate's ass during recruitment check in. How easy it would have been to leave her name off of the list and let her fend for herself. Part of me was hoping she would.

Full circle: Back to Sun and Lapidus on the beach. I couldn't get enough of her crackin' that oar over Ben's head. That was by far the best scene of the night. Again we are graced with a Christian Shepard cameo; he tells Sun that Jin is in 1977 and that she "has quite a journey on her hands."

Does this journey involve a donkey wheel....because I don't think I can handle another one of those.
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pictures, pictures, I'm being overrun by pictures!

I need some help! I (okay mostly my computer) am being overrun by photos. We have a large storage drive, but I went digital in 2004 and all of these photos are still on my computer.

Here's where you come in...can you tell me how you store your photos? Do you still have them on your computer? Do you burn them to CD and keep them there? Do you put them on an online storage facility like Shutterfly or Flickr?

Right now mine are categorized by year, month, and activity. For example if you asked me what I did in 2004 in May I could pull up a picture of a trip to my mother's in VA when we took the kid to the National Zoo.

The real question is are you ever going to ask me what I did in May 2004? Do I need to have these on my computer?

I have them burned to CD, but I'm fearful of just having them on a CD, what if something happened to them. Bear in mind that I would lose my mind if I lost all of middle G's 5th birthday party photos especially if I hadn't even scrapped them yet.

Don't laugh, but I'm just about to start scrappin' 2007. Technically, I could move 04-06 off the computer and keep them just on CD. Do you think a flash drive would be better? I also have them online just in case everything crashes....

Based on this post, I think I should join digital photo taking anonymous. I'm having some serious issues.

What do you do with your photos? How long do you keep them? Where do you have them stored?
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gearing up for my scrapbook weekend, virtual walk!

I'm going away this weekend with my friend, Megan. She lives in upstate New York and we meet half way and scrapbook all weekend in a hotel. It is so much fun. The best part: We use our husband's travel points and stay for FREE!

We try to do it twice a year. But in 2008 we were only able to meet once, in May. It's almost been a year since we've seen each other. I can't believe that.

Anywho, because of this, I'm getting excited. I'm packing up some of my stuff tomorrow. Getting my bag ready, making sure I have enough pictures and paper; Just got an order of adhesive so I should be set there.

My hubby is coming home a little bit early on Friday and then I'm gone.

Plus I'm "virtually" walking with my sister on Saturday at her local JDRF Walk. The walk is in Greenville, North Carolina and though I would love to believe that I have the ability (a.k.a. MONEY) to travel that far numerous times a year, it has become clear to me that I do not.

So the next best thing: I'll be staying with a dear friend and checking in with my sister every 15 minutes or so via text.

Secure online donations can still be made by visiting my web page. Any help you can provide, even $5, would be greatly appreciated.
Scrapbook page of the day:

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's not to late to fulfill all of your childhood can cure a disease!

Regular readers will remember that my nephew was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes in December. Tomorrow my middle daughter will be tested for the disease.

It is not too late for you to help cure this insidious disease. Any little bit can and will help! Our team goal is within sight. We have almost raised $10,000. Won't you be a part of this?

Secure online donations can still be made by visiting my web page. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Someday my nephew will say, "I used to have diabetes".

Weekend Update: skiing, movies and Taco Bell

Oldest went skiing with Daddy on Saturday. It was her first time. Something I learned this year, was that Pennsylvania offers a ski for free program for 4th and 5th graders. It cost me $15.00 in administrative fees, but it was totally worth it. Even if you only get to go once, you make your money back. Skiing is an outrageously expensive hobby.
It makes scrapbooking look cheap. LOL
Since the other two kids were pouting because they couldn't try to ski, we went to lunch. Their choice was Taco Bell, of all things. Then we went to the cheap movies. They were showing "Hotel for Dogs". It was a really cute movie, but the storyline is a little advanced for anyone under 7. My son was getting bored toward the end.
What did you do this weekend?
P.S. If you don't already follow my blog, I'd love for you to follow along. I've been stuck at 17 followers for quite awhile now and other than coming up with a big bribe I can't think of any other way to garner some more. It would be great to see an even 20! Follow me and I'll follow you!
Saturday, March 14, 2009

The first post from my new phone

This is a post from my new phone. I'm just curious to see if this really works and what it looks like. The weather here is clear and cool. My oldest went skiing with daddy for the first time. If he takes any pics I will post those later.

Also for you fellow crafters out there Shannon is giving away some amazing candy over at her blog. Be sure to check it out.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday High Five -- Five life lessons I learned this week

This Friday I decied to post five things I've learned about life this week. This week flew by and it is hard for me to believe that it is already the middle of March.

  1. I learned that 37 mph can be considered speeding. Who knew that the shortcut I take to the gym was posted 25 mph? The entire length of this road is 25 mph. What a joke. They should change the name to Speed Trap Drive. That lesson cost $140...OUCH.

  2. I learned that YOGA is quite a workout. The day after you do yoga you will come to realize that most of the muscles that you stretched the day before have never been used in your entire life.

  3. I learned that it is possible for a child's eyesight to change in 10 months. My daughter got glasses last April and has been telling me since February that she couldn't see. I thought it was a ploy to get new frames so I told her even if she needed stronger glasses she would only be getting lenses and when that didn't stop the complaints I made her an appointment. Found out today that she does need stronger lenses. Guess I'm out of the running for Parent of the Year.

  4. I learned that my dog likes the taste of Children's Tylenol. I was trying to give my son some earlier this week and he took one tiny sip and started to throw up. Not even thinking about the dog I sat the Tylenol down on the counter and ran my son to the bathroom. Cooper drank the Tylenol. Who would have thought?

  5. I learned that the new Kelly Clarkson CD "All I Ever Wanted" is her best since "Breakaway" I love this CD and I'm so glad I bought it on the day it came out. My favorite song on it is All I Want is You; followed closely by Whyyouwannabringmedown and My life would Suck Without You. Best news of all is she is performing at our county fair later this year and I already have my tickets. Click on Kelly's name to see photos from the last time I saw her in concert.

What did you learn this week?

This post is part of Friday High Five. Angela is hosting. It's easy to play along. Just make a list of five random or related thoughhts. Click on her blog and link up your post. Mr. Linky is waiting for you!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interventions are tramatic

I'm joining this week's assignment over at Mama Kat's. This post is part of her weekly writer's prompt. I decided to write about a time that I hurt someones feelings and it still bothers me to this day.

Many moons ago, pre-kids, I used to be a secretary in a small law office. The two attorneys I worked for actually became my friends. We spent a lot of time together. They both had wonderful senses of humor and made work a entertaining place to be. I know...hard to imagine since I told you they were lawyers.

One of the attorneys, let's call her Mrs. H., had a rough year. Her babies grew up and moved out. Her surgeon husband was always at work. At she started to drink.

She started to come in late.

She started to come in wearing the same clothes as she had on yesterday.

I started covering for her.

Aside from actually going to court, I handled pretty much everything. If you've typed one custody agreement, you've typed them all. If you've typed one standard divorce decree you've pretty much typed them all.

I started to find alcohol in her desk.

I started to resent her.

Her husband called. "Did I notice...." blah blah blah.

My other boss said, "Do you think she is a drunk?"

Collectively, we decided that we needed to do something.

It is very hard to look someone in the eyes and tell them they are losing it. That they are an alcoholic. That their practice is suffering. That they need to walk away and get better.

It may save them, but it cuts them deeply.

Do I regret helping her. Absolutely not. Does it hurt any less knowing I said what I said to save her? No. It really doesn't.
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A few of my new scrapbook layouts

This is a Halloween Parade my youngest daughter was in.  She is in the center picture dressed like SpiderGirl!  I really like the spider paper and the little license plates.
This is a layout from my bi-annual trip to North Carolina to scrapbook with my sister and some other crazy women.  It is so much fun.  We usually drink more than we scrap and spend the weekend laughing so hard our faces hurt by the time we go home.
These are more pictures from the same crazy weekend.  We all had silly shirts.
Thanks for stopping by to visit.  I love to hear your thoughts.
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Tribute - my friend Becky

I decided for Tuesday Tribute I would write ten things I love about my friend, Becky. 

1.  She will still be my friend even after she sees this silly picture and will not harrass me to take it down because she knows the importance of being silly and not taking yourself to seriously.

2.  She will change her plans, no matter what they are, to help me out if I am sick or without a car.  (Even if it means she can't go to the gym.)

3.  She takes my kid to school when I have the flu and then goes out of her way to bring me some 7 up.

4.  She shares my love for Quizno Subs.  BTW...I have new coupons!

5.  She agrees with me that vacumming and cleaning the bathroom should be very low on anyone's to do list.

6.  She puts family first and they return the love.  She goes to her niece and nephew's soccer games and her sisters and parents come to her kids games.
7.  She is a great mom who teaches her kids values and respect.  Because of this, she has kids that you like to be around.
8.  She can make me laugh no matter what kind of mood I am in.
9.  She tolorates my teasing her about the county in which she grew up in, which is notoriously known as being a little "unfriendly".  She is the exception to this sterotype; and
10.  She is willing to wear a PennDOT green colored shirt at an ALS walk in honor of my Aunt Lee.
LOVE, YA, BECKY!  So glad you are going on the beach trip again this year!
If you would like to read more Tuesday Tributes or link up your own tribute visit here .
Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Update: swimming, biking and phone upgrading

How did you do with your "What I'd like to accomplish list". I have to say I was able to kick my list right out to the curb.

  • Make at least 10 more scrapbook pages. I made more than 10! I made 17! The best part about house doesn't look like a crack house because I spent all weekend scrapbooking. It still actually looks pretty good around here. Do I want those British ladies from "How clean is your house" to come knocking and to check the status of my loo with a no. Do you? Below is one of those pages...I can't get it to rotate for some unknown cyberspace reason. It is from a Halloween parade my daughter was in. She is in the center pic dressed like a cat.

  • Upgrade my phone. I got my little keyboard! Finally, after months of procrastinating I got a Pantech Matrix I love this little thing! Mine is the red one and I can't stop playing with it! Here is a picture I took with my phone of Copper after a long day at the dog park. Does he look tired?
    Take the kids to the park. The weather was nicer on Saturday than it was on Sunday, but me and two of the kids ended up at the park on Sunday. Oldest wasn't feeling well and she stayed home with daddy. Here are some pics of middle daughter and her friend riding around. I also took these with my phone.

Watch one of my NETFLIX movies and post a review. I watched both movies that we had. I try to get one adult/one family movie each time. This weekend we had 10 Things I hate about you, which is about 10 years old, but Heath Ledger is so yummy in this movie who cares how old it is. We also had Three Pigs and a Baby, which was sort of a warped cartoon version of Three men and a baby. Funny. The kids seemed to like it.

Pay the handful of bills I have on the counter. Paypal Hacker can bite me. My money has been restored, he was unsuccessful. I cancelled one of my credit cards and closed my entire paypal account. Not sure if, or when, I may decide to reopen it. My bills have been taken care least for now.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday High Five - Five things I need to accomplish this weekend

Like usual, Angela at Angela's Adventures is hosting Friday High Five.  If you haven't ever played along, you really should.  It's a lot of fun to ready the top five things people feel like posting about.  Mr. Linky is up on her site if you decided to post, leave me a comment so I can read your link.
Today I decided to post what I'd like to accomplish this weekend.  I find that if I tell all of you I want to get it done, it tends to motivate me.
  1. Make at least 10 more scrapbook pages.  I just got a big package of pictures in the mail and they are calling my name.  It goes something like this "Don't do the can wait.  Come.  Come and scrapbook.  You know it will be more fun."
  2. Upgrade my phone.  This has been on my list for sometime now.  My plan was up in January and I still haven't managed to upgrade the little bugger.  It is freezing up on me and causing me grief.  I don't think it is reliable.  Plus, between you and me, I really want a little keyboard as I'm addicted to texting.
  3. Take the kids to the park.  We are supposed to have wonderful weather this weekend and my oldest got a new bike for her birthday.  I think she is a little intimidated by the size of it and really needs a nice day to find out how easy it is to ride.
  4. Watch one of my NETFLIX movies and post a review.  I'm tired of keeping these things for more than a few days.  I feel like I'm not getting my money's worth. 
  5. Pay the handful of bills I have on the counter.  After my Paypal Hacker disaster, I've yet to get all of my bank/credit cards in order and I really need to pay a few bills.  While this is tedious and hardly can be described as fun, I still need to get this done.
What do you hope to accomplish?
Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whose that baby?

Like usual, LOST was hurting my brain last night.

I didn't count, but I'm pretty sure we jumped forward three years, back three years and forward three year all within the first 10 minutes.  Was that really necessary?

Juliet and Sawyer?  This is harder for me to get my head around than the time travel.  Personally, it would be easier for me to believe she was banging Daniel.

And who is that baby?  I know someone out there knows and has this entire thing figured out, but I'm getting a nose bleed trying just thinking about it.

The last time I remember seeing Horace, he was in the jungle telling John how to find Jacob;  I think he was cutting down a tree repeatedly and he told John he had been dead for 12 years. 

Also, Horace and his wife were the unlucky couple flagged down by the Linuses after giving birth in the woods.  Basically, other than immediate family, Horace was the first person to see baby Ben alive and drove his dying mother to the hospital.

Who knew he be back with even more speaking parts.

Did you notice not one of my questions from yesterday's post were answered?  If anything I have even more questions.  Anyone wondering where Rose and Bernard and the rest of the original plane crash memebers are now?  Are they part of Richard's group?  I hope not!

Will Daniel warn Charolette like she remembers him doing or will he try to change history?  Isn't he the one always preaching that if it happened it will happen.

Is everyone on the island now in the 1970s?  What about Locke and the new crew?

Where is Sun!  How do a bunch of Dharma ninnies capture Sayid (as indicated by the previews)?

Most importantly. Why. Do. I. Have. To. Wait. Two. Weeks. for. The. Next. Episode?  I'm boycotting whatever ABC puts in that time slot.
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I can't wait to get LOST tonight!

I can't wait to put my kids to bed tonight, sit down on the couch with a glass of wine cup of tea and watch LOST.  A few things I hope to find out:
  • Is that tease in the previews when *sigh* Sawyer looks up and sees Kate the end of the show or the beginning?
  • What does Jin say to Hurley, Jack and Kate when he finds them floating in that lagoon? 
  • When are they?
  • What happened to Sun and Sayid?  Will she find Jin?
  • Are the new arrivals going to win over my affection or just continue to annoy me?
  • Will my husband make as much noise as possible while this show is on?  ie: unload/load and turn on the dishwasher; get the dog all worked up so I can't hear over all the barking?
These questions and much more when I hopefully post a humorous and ever so entertaining recap tommorrow.
On to other buisness:  Today's scrapbook page of the day.
My kids are painting pumpkins for Halloween.  Yes my oldest went with the all black pumpkin and I have no idea why my  middle daughter is making that "I'm thinking about killing you" face.  LOL  Thanks for stopping by feel free to follow along or leave me a comment.  I'd love to visit your blog.
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few more layouts but no recaps

Today in blog land I feel like the only person who isn't watching a certain show that parades desperate women around in the hopes of garnishing the attention of one male counterpart.  Does anyone really belive that this is going to end well?  Maybe that's why so many are watching it.
Ugh, it looks like tonight on the special "After the rose ceremony" Jason admits that he messed up and un-proposes or something of the sort.  What a great role model his little boy has.  Can't wait to see who he brings home...actually I can.
Today I'm featuring three of my newly created layouts.  This one is of my son playing around at my middle daughter's soccer game.  It's hard to believe that he is only three in these pictures.  Time really does fly by.
This is my niece's 2nd birthday party.  It is around Halloween which is why my kids and I are dressed up.  It's kind of a running gag.  Everytime we come in costume, no one else does and everytime everyone comes in costume, we don't.
This last one is when my hubby and I went away for our 10th anniversary.  We went to Virginia to this quaint little bed and breakfast.  It was very beautiful there in the fall.

Thanks for looking.  I really appreciate your comments.
Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend update: Houseful of Grandparents, Sushi, Little Shop of Horrors, scrappin time and snow

This weekend was jam packed full of activity. We had out of town family visiting to celebrate Big G's birthday. My 10 year old picked Tokyo Diner for her birthday dinner. She loves to watch the chef making the hibachi. Pictured below left to right: My hubby, my son, me, my niece, Big G, my dad, Middle G and my step-mom.

Looking around at the other side of the table now...from left to right: my sister in law, my nephew, my brother in law, my father in law, my mother in law, my grandma, and my mom. As always the food was excellent. My grandma had never been to a hibachi before and said "This is the first time I've ever had a man cook for me." LOL

Most of this crew went home after dinner. My dad and step mom stayed overnight and went to the high school musical with us on Sunday. They preformed Little Shop of Horrors. It was cleverly done and I was very impressed with the costume design and the plant. I don't know who made the man-eating little sprout, but they did a wonderful job.
Today the kids had a snow day. We got 6 inches of the winter mess and nearly doubled all we've had this winter. As you can see from the above photo, Middle G was quite happy about it.
Since Wednesday, I've made 23 scrapbook layouts. I'm on a mission to get more scrappin done. I need to play on my laptop a little less. So for the month of March I will be featuring at least one new layout a day.
This one is the last soccer game of the season (a few years ago). I bought the die cut at the scrapbook convention and really like how it turned out. I'm pretty sure you can click on it and it will get larger. Let me know if that doesn't work.
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