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Monday, April 7, 2008

My Baby Got Glasses

Isn't she cute? My oldest got glasses on Friday. She was so excited all week long. "Did they call about my glasses?" "When are we going to pick up my glasses?" I let her pick them out herself and I think she did a good job. The tech said that she should be allowed to get what she wanted because if she didn't like them she wouldn't wear them. That makes sense. Anyway, dd's are pink Scooby Doo frames and she got a cool SD case. She is very excited about them and couldn't wait to wear them to school today. How long do you think it will take before she says, "Do I have to wear them?"

5 random thoughts:

chrissyb said...

Greta - you look so cute in your glasses. I love the frames. You did a great job picking them out. I hope you continue to be excited to wear them. Love ya, Aunt Chrissy

Rach said...

Hey Miss Greta your glasses look very cute on you!!! Love, Shelby, Sophie, and Sydney!

Lynne said...


Good choice on the glasses. Life in glasses is good.

Take care,

Lynne said...


I like your new glasses. They look great!

Take care,
Lynne, Chuck, Amber and Nathan

proudmama said...


You look awesome! Very fashion! I love wearing my glasses because it makes people think that I know what I am doing. We will have to take a picture of you and Becca at the wedding wearing your glasses together.
Love, Ms. Laura, Beth and Becca

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