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Monday, June 30, 2008

Bad news and good news

The chapter in my life story entitled, The day my daughter left her glasses at the park has been for the most part concluded. Yes--the glasses were found. No---they were not in good shape. A little girl from our neighborhood found them at the playground today and turned them in to one of the coordinators.

***SIDE NOTE*** Our township has a summer playground program. This is run by a group of adults and teen volunteers and provides an opportunity for tons of kids to play there each weekday morning for a small fee for the entire summer****

The coordinator gave them to my daughter, but unfortunately they were quite mangled and were missing a lens. Hence, the bad news. We took them to our eye doctors and were greeting with quite a few perplexing looks. I wish I would have taken a picture of them....they had quite a story to tell.

Anyway, because DD has only had them for a little over 6 weeks and because she is only 9 years old, as a "customer courtesy" they are going to replace them free of charge. Yes, Virginia, there is a doctor's office that still believes in something called courtesy.

Is that good news or what? I can't believe it. I was speechless and if you knew me you would know how hard that is to accomplish! They told me that they can't promise to replace them again, but they will do it this time. Wow.

That neighborhood girl just saved this mom nearly $200 bucks. We stopped at the store on the way back from the eye doctors and bought her a cute little toy -- a doodle turtle in a purse. Gotta love that!
Friday, June 27, 2008 the highest level

I'm taking a time out because I'm so annoyed right now I feel like maybe if I type it out I won't feel so ERRRRRRRRRR. As I type though the only sound I can hear is my children fighting with each other. My four year old has mastered the "mimicking" torture technique so he is repeating everything his sisters say. I'm pretty sure I just heard the 40th rendition of "knock it, off".

Anyway the source of my frustration is my oldest dd who decided to "forget" her glasses at the playground this morning. Both of my girls attend a summer playground program that runs each weekday morning from 9-12. There is about 100 kids there and I'm loosing any hope that the glasses were found by an adult.

Get this....she thinks that she left them on a bench by the sandbox but when I took her back over there she was looking all through the ground near the sandbox. I just don't need this additional expense right now.

Honestly, is it too much to expect that a 9 year old keep their glasses on their face.

Feel like making cards

Here are some quick cards I made this morning. I know they are super simple, but I had a lot of fun with them and I think that is because they so simple. I needed a sympathy card for a friend and I'm just feeling red, white and blue because of the upcoming 4th of July holiday. I used the swiss dots folder for the cuttlebug to make the embossing ***That folder is hard to come by*** The sympathy stamp is a MSE set from AC Moore; the ladybug is part of a stampin up set, the greeting on that one reads "Bug me anytime." Of course, I had to use my new threading water punch on those, as well. The "God Bless America" greeting is also from stampin up. Thanks for stoping by to look.
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Write Tuesday #10

“Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck,” chorused David as he reached down to pick up the tarnished jewel.
“There’s no such thing as luck,” said Kyle.
The boys were walking home on an autumn afternoon from the school bus stop. Kyle's depression was getting worse. He just hadn't been the same since his dad moved out.
David knew they were getting a divorce but his mom had told him it was impolite to talk to Kyle about it.
“Here,” David said, putting the penny in Kyle’s hand, “You’ll see. This penny is really lucky. I can feel it.
Kyle shrugged, “I doubt that. What good is a penny? You can’t buy anything with it and it sure ain’t gonna fix my mom and dad. It won’t bring them luck.”
David kicked a rock with his right foot, unsure what to say to his friend.
“The penny ain’t for them. It’s for you. Like it or not, Kyle, you are going to have to cheer up and deal with the fact that your dad isn't going to live with you anymore.”
“Yeah, I guess,” Kyle said, walking through the yard leading to his house, “See you tomorrow.”
“Don’t loose your penny,” David said with a smile. He was determined to prove to Kyle that it really would bring him luck even if it couldn’t fix his parents.
“Hi, I’m home,” David called out as he walked through the kitchen door.
“How was school?” his mom asked, as she hung up the phone.
“Good ‘cept Kyle’s still real sad about his Mom and Dad. How can I cheer him up? I found him a lucky penny, but he didn’t think it would bring him much luck.”
“I was just talking to his mom and she has a great idea about how to cheer him up, but needs our help," David's mom said, "Grab your coat. We’re going for a ride.”
David grabbed his jacket and pulled it on over his shoulders.
“Where are we going?” he asked.
“You’ll see.”
Soon they arrived at the local animal shelter.
“What are we doing here, mom? We already have a dog and two cats.”
“The puppy’s not for us, David. It’s for Kyle.”
“COOL!” shouted David, anxious to pick the pup out.
They returned home with an eight week old copper-colored dashhound mix. She was short and stumpy and unbelievably cute. At dusk, David and his mom left the puppy on Kyle’s front porch, rang the doorbell, and ran away.
The next morning David could hardly wait to walk to the bus stop with Kyle. When the time came, he ran to his friend's house, attempting to appear unexcited.
“Come in and see what I got,” Kyle said. “You were right! I’m lucky.”
“What did you get?” David asked, even though he already knew.
“Look!” Kyle said, pointing to the puppy yapping happily at the boys from its box.
David bent down to pat it’s head.
“It was just sittin’ on our porch last night with a note sayin’ it was for me,” Kyle explained.
“See,” said David, “I knew that coin would bring you luck. What did you name her?”
Kyle smiled broadly, “Penny.”
Monday, June 23, 2008

Do you think my son can dance?

Muchas Gracias

I fell in love with this stamp at a recent crop I attended. I just had to rush home and make something with it. Isn't that little dog "SO CUTE"; or at least that's what my 7 year old would say. I like how it turned out. I also got a chance to play with my new punch ***thanks for enabling again, Robyn***. I love hearing your feedback. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things that are important to me

When I was growing up, my aunt and uncle lived just one house away from us. My cousin's and I ran back and forth between that neighbors yard often. One to many times for a really large Irish setter once...LOL

My cousin has had are rotten hand delt to her lately. After losing her mom to ALS in 2005, she recently lost her husband. Every year we walk in honor of her mom, my Aunt, in the Walk to D'feet in my aunt's hometown. I'm keeping a blog of my walk progress. You can find the link on the right hand side of this post, labeled My ALS walk blog.
It would mean a lot to me, as well as my cousin, to know that some of you were checking in.
I'm not asking for money, ***though I certainly won't refuse it ***SMILE*** I'm just asking for a "keep up the good work" and to hear that what we are doing matters to more people than just our family to whom it matters greatly.
Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just Write Tuesday #9

The butterflies in the pit of my stomach were multiplying and starting to dance.
“I hate being nervous,” I said to my reflection as I adjusted the flower barrette holding up the side of my hair. One last look at my dress and I went to find my sister, Annie.
The church hallway lead to the bridal room and I found her there, looking perfect.
She had on the dark wine colored dress that we picked out. It was tapered at the shoulders and had an open back. The hem stopped just short of Annie’s calves. Seeing her in it reminded me of my nervous stomach.
“I think I’m going to be sick,” I said.
“Thanks a lot,” she replied.
“That’s not what I meant.”
“You look great.,” she said, “Are you ready?”
“I’m not really sure. I don’t think I’ve actually digested the idea yet. You?”
“Yeah, I’m ready. I’m not really nervous at all.”
“You’re never nervous,” I said, jealousy making me want to be more like her. “Have you seen Dad?”
“Yeah, I think he’s ecstatic. He’s as anxious as a child on his first day of school.”
“I’ve been worried about him lately. The last three years have been hard on him. We’re both so far away.”
“He’s a tough cookie. Nothing ever brings him down, besides, you worry too much.”
She waived me off and said, “I’m going to find Mason to take our picture. Stay here.”
The silence was deafening. Mary Jo was late. She better get here soon or she won’t have time to dress. What if she doesn’t show? We can’t start without her. Annie’s right, I worry too much. She’ll be here.
“Wow, Lynn, I’m blown away,” said Mason. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a dress.” His shaggy chestnut hair covered part of his face and he opened his arms to embrace me. He’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a brother. Annie and I lived three houses away from him our entire childhood. Just letting him hug me sent some of my butterflies packing.
“You’re not looking bad yourself,” I said.
“Annie has given me strict orders to capture this moment on film so get together and smile pretty.” Time passed in flashes instead of minutes.
“Is Mary Jo here?” I asked.
“Yeah,” said Mason, “Mom’s been hiding so you and Annie wouldn’t see her. She ready to go; waiting for the cue.”
“It’s time,” says a stranger and we file out.
I’m walking down the aisle following my sister. Her dress bristling in the silence. All eyes are on us. Smiles. Whispers.
My butterflies are back, doing the same jig as before when I see him. Our dad, looking strikingly handsome in his tuxedo, is smiling at us. Wow, he looks so young, so excited, so nervous. It’s been too long since I’ve seen him truly happy. He’s beaming.
The music begins, everyone stands at attention. The bride is on her way. Mary Jo appears in the doorway, Mason by her side. Today is the day he’ll give his mom to our dad, combining two families that have known each other for years into one.
The groom’s eyes catch and hold the bride’s and for the last time, all the butterflies are sent packing.
Monday, June 16, 2008

Love this picture

Here is a picture I took at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. I think giraffe's are so pretty. She was posing for this picture. I put it as the wallpaper on my laptop and my husband was surprised to learn that I took the picture. He thought it came with the computer...LOL
Saturday, June 14, 2008

Look at these cupcakes...

Alright here are the cupcakes. I used the New Arrival cart to make the babies and the bottles. Peachykeen stamps for faces...these are from the Fun Kiddie Face assortment. My daughter is having a baby doll party today. All the guests are bringing their favorite dolls to the party. Should be a blast. TFL
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy birthday!

Today is my middle daughter's birthday! Yeah. She is seven and loves to play with baby dolls. Go figure since she wants to be spiderman when she grows up. Here is a picture of her with her "children" We are having a baby doll party on Saturday. I'll have to post pictures of the gift boxes and the cupcakes this weekend. TFL

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A few new cards

Aren't these little cards so cute ***sigh*** They are about 4 x 4 square and I got them from QVC when I ordered during their big scrapbook weekend. Sometimes they have the cutest little things don't they ***nodding head agreeing with herself*** Did I ever tell you that I went on a tour of QVC with my mom and my sister. It was actually pretty fun. Here is a picture of my mom standing in the rain. She was very surprised. She had no idea where we were taking her. It was a secret...We went after the CK convention in Valley Forge last July. QVC is not far from there at all. Mom only goes to the convention to spend time with us...I'll let you in on a secret....shhhhh She doesn't really like to scrapbook....****mouth gaping wide open*** I know it is hard to believe.

Teacher Gifts

Believe it or not my kids are still in school. I have mixed feelings about that. They started late because of construction delays and then they had a few snow days in there as well. Here is a picture of the candles I made for some of their teachers. Our colors are orange and black and we are the Bobcats, hence the pawprints. They are very easy to make. You can watch a how to video on Robin's site at The Pink Stamper Funny how excited my 1st and 3rd grader are to hand these candles out. Tomorrow is the 1st grader's birthday and it just happens to be FUN Day at school so I'm going in to help face paint. Should be a blast.

Just Write Tuesday #8

Coney was incredibly excited. He could hardly wait for the day to begin. He jumped out of bed and searched frantically for just the right outfit. It had to be perfect! First impressions are so important.
“Hey mom, where’s my blue shirt?”
His mom hollered from down the hall, “I think its in the laundry room, Honey. I just washed it and haven’t had a chance to put it away yet.”
He scurried to the room and found exactly what he was looking for. He changed in the bathroom after washing up. Staring at his face in the mirror, he slicked his fur back and polished up his bill.
“I wonder if there will be any other duck billed, web-footed beavers in class today?”
Coney and his parents had recently moved from North Creek Ridge to Southwest Creek Ridge. No DWBs lived in North Creek. Growing up, Coney never felt like he fit in. He always felt out of place with his large bill and little teeth. He could swim as good as a duck, but he couldn’t fly because he had no wings, just paws.
It was hard to say goodbye when his family decided to leave but he knew it was for the best and in his heart he hoped that in Southwest Creek Ridge there would be other DWBs. He was tired of feeling like an outsider.
“Coney, hurry up. You don’t want to be late for the first day of school, do you?”
“I’m coming,” he said.
On the way to school, Coney was very quiet thinking about what would happen through out the day.
“Coney, are you all right?” asked his mom.
“Yeah, Mom. I was just thinking about my day. Do you think there will be any DWBs in my class?”
“Oh, honey. I don’t want you to be disappointed. DWBs have been around for many years. You have relatives that lived during the time of the Dinosaurs. Be proud of who you are, I’m proud of you. But don’t be surprised if you never meet another DWB. I’ve only met two others my entire life. We are quite rare.”
Coney was disappointed. He had been looking forward to meeting another boy just like him, or maybe even a girl. He took a deep breath and walked through the school doors. He was happy in spite of himself. He went to the office and asked where his class was. A stoutly bear cub, who worked behind the counter said, “I know just who to get to show you around.”
To Coney’s delight, he saw another DWB approaching the office.
“Hi,” she said, “my name is Sarah. I’m here to show you around.”
“I knew it,” said Coney, “your a DWB. . . your beautiful . . . your so . . . um . . . um,” Coney blushed, “Sorry”.
“A DWB?” said Sarah.
“A duck billed, web-footed, beaver.”
Sarah smiled. “Your cute,” she said, “It’s going to be nice having another platypus around. Think of all the trouble we can get into.”
Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lemonade anyone?

Yesterday, and unfortunately today, I'm having a garage sale. My son (in the yellow) and some of the other boys in our neighborhood decided to have a cookie/lemonade sale. It was so cute. They were very high pressure salesmen though and I think they were scaring people away from my garage sale. They made $3.00 in quarters and kept telling everyone that they were "RICH". My girls, who were in school yesterday, were so jealous. They can't wait to have their own sale today. Remember when you had $3.00 and you felt rich?
Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just Write Tuesday #7

Daphne awoke to the warm sun rays. She stretched, as well as a flower could stretch, and sighed. “What a wonderful morning! Wouldn’t you agree, Tulu?”
Tulu, a cherry red tulip, said, “Indeed, it is a fine spring morning. The sun’s rays feel comforting today. Last night was kind of cold and I can still feel the ache in my stem.”
Daphne said, “Do you ever wish you were a Late Bloomer? I mean we never really get to enjoy the sun much. The spring nights are often chilly and brisk. Sometimes, I’m not happy being a daffodil.”
“Daphne, you are a silly posey,” said Tulu, still not quite awake and not entirely listening. “Next you will be telling me you want arms instead of leaves. Be happy being you.”
“I can dream if I want to, Tulu. Late Bloomers have it better. Everyone knows that.”
“Nonsense, I don’t’ believe it,” said the tulip.
Daphne and Tulu’s argument continued throughout the day, but no matter what Tulu said to convince her she was wrong, she would not believe a word. “Late Bloomers have it better. It’s not cold, they get more sun and some grow to be huge, bigger than humans.”
Daphne wished that night that she could be a Late Bloomer. She knew if she were, everything would be perfect and she’d never be cold again.
“Excuse me up there!” said a tri-colored pansy, “Hey, sunflower, point your head to the right!”
Daphne heard the noise and looked around, “What?” she said.
“Down here,” said the voice, “You’re blocking our sun again and you promised you’d stop. We’d appreciate it if you turned your big old head to the right.”
“Okay,” she said, turning her huge yellow mane. She was enormous, maybe six foot. How did this happen?
Her wish! It had come true, she was a sunflower, a Late Bloomer. She stood proud and tall and enjoyed the August sun.
But soon the sun didn’t feel so warm. It felt hot! Extremely hot and her enormous head began to droop.
A grasshopper landed on her leaf, “Do you still like being a Late Bloomer?” she asked.
“Tulu?” said Daphne, “Why . . . How?”
“Hey, if you’re a sunflower, I can be a grasshopper. Right?”
“I guess so,” said Daphne.
“So, do you like it?” the bug asked again.
“Yes! I love it. It was a little hot today, though.”
“That’s August for you,” said Tulu, as she began to chomp on Daphne’s leaves.
“Hey! Quit that,” said Daphne, trying to shake Tulu off.
“A girl’s got to eat, dear.”
By evening, Tulu had eaten a huge whole in Daphne’s big, beautiful leaf. Daphne was glad that Tulu had her fill and jumped off. However, she soon was very lonely. She could hear the other flowers murmurs, but no one tried to talk to her. She was just too high up.
Daphne was terribly sad. “I never should have made that wish. I liked being me. I liked being me! I liked being me . . .”
“What are you shouting about?” asked Tulu. “It’s not even dawn yet!”
Daphne looked around. She’d never been so glad to see a tulip in all her life. She was her bright yellow daffodil self again! It was just a dream!
“You were right about everything, Tulu,” she said. “I don’t want to be a Late Bloomer. I want to be me!”
“That’s splendid, dear. Tell me in the daylight,” said the tulip, nodding back to sleep. “Such a silly posey,” she mumbled.
Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last of the Disney for now

After lunch at Mickey's we headed to Epcot.

Here we are at the totally awesome Finding Nemo exhibit. I still can't figure out how they did that interactive talk to Crush the turtle thing. Too Cool

This is one of my all time favorite layouts. I love how it turned out. Especially the belt buckle and the little cowgirls. Too cute.

Close up of one of the cowgirls

Close up of the WOODY autograph belt buckle.

More Disney Designs...

Here we are with the Chef! I didn't put an autograph on this page because I already have Mickey's autograph on a different page; from when we met him at the park

Here we are with Minnie.

And here we are with Goofy

Some of my latest Disney Designs

This is another layout from our dinner with Cinderella and company.
In these photos my kids are meeting the evil step sisters and stepmother.
I put the Fairy Godmother on there because my middle daughter thought she must have been involved to make the "bad guys nice."

Close up of the Fairy Godmother in non-traditional attire.

Here is my first layout from Chef Mickey's.

This is when we were meeting Pluto.

Here is a close up of the Donald on the next layout. Donald is my middle daughter's absolute favorite character of all time...they have a lot in common. Crabby but loveable.

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