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It boggles my mind that you have actually clicked on to this link and that you would want to know anything, let alone useless information, about me.  But for the sake of following through, enjoy.

  • I like to make lists.
  • No one has ever asked me to change their car tire.
  • Everyone, except my mother-in-law, thinks my children look like me.
  • I like to attend high school graduations.
  • I think I may have been a turtle in a former life as I have loved them for as long as I can remember.
  • My husband and I worked together at Burger King when we were 16.
  • I seldom eat meat.
  • Birds scare me.  All birds.
  • 3D movies give me a headache.
  • I hate mathematics.
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I'm a 41 year old (gasp) freelance writer, school cafeteria manager, wife and mother. I have three children and one anxious and overweight beagle. I use my blog to make others laugh, to share some cool crafts, to document my lunchlady adventures and to lament about the challenges faced by us all on the journey called life. Thanks for visiting. Please leave some meant some comments.
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