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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Writer's Workshop: What are you paranoid about?

I inspired one of this week's prompts at Mama Kat's! How cool is that? Unfortunately it brought back memories of my all too recent disastrous camping trip.

This week's prompts include:

1.) Tell us about a "dirt cheap" you've taken this summer.

2.) When I grow up I want to be like...

3.) Describe a difficult moment that you survived.

4.) List 5 things you like to do while camping...or 5 places you'd like to go.

5.) What are you paranoid about?

I feel like I've covered three and four this week so let's tackle number five.

The answer is drowning:

I have an irrational, child-like fear of drowning. I can swim. I used to be able to swim pretty well. That being said, I'm not sure I would be comfortable being dumped by helicopter into a giant lake. However, if that would somehow become my reality, I'd give it gung-ho effort to make it to the shore.

Here in lies the real problem. Stamina. I don't think I could make it even if I really wanted to. Maybe I could make it if I floated on my back for a short while when I was tired, but still I'm not willing to wager any fundage on this.

Now being the awesome, most Divine parent alive I am trying not to pass this irrational fear onto my children.

Do you think it is wrong then that when we go to the pool the number one rule is "No drowning" instead of no running???

Seriously, what do you think?

11 random thoughts:

blueviolet said...

That is the number one rule when swimming! We definitely all have our fears and maybe it's just a sort of self-preservation. Or we can pretend it is. ;)

parentingBYdummies said...

Interesting... I'm not afraid that I will drown, as I make every attempt to steer clear of large bodies of water, for fer that I may have to don some form of revealing swim attire. I do, however, envision my kids drowning sometimes and it freaks me out. I don't mention it to them at all, and I don't think I act paranoid around them, but I am obsessed with ensuring they learn to swim. Thanks for stopping by today:)

Kristen said...

I would say no drowning is more important than no running. You are just stating the obvious. If I got dumped from an elevator I would thank my stars that it wasn't the ocean {sharks!} and float there for a few days...who needs stamina for that?

Dan said...

I'll try to make sure that there is a spare cabin available next time. Then you can leave hubby and the dog in the wet tent and have a good visit with your sister. {*grin*}

I am really glad I don't have paranoias to spend my time worrying about. I can waste enough time without adding irrational fears.

So I assume you aren't going camping near a big lake where they train helicopters to snag and drop people in the middle to see if they swim?

Farmers Wife said...

I happen to agree with you and think you can never supervise your children enough near water. I happen to live not far from the beach but I hate the water, I am scared of whats in it, and the waves etc etc etc and I also try not to pass my fears onto my kids. But is very hard not to.

Stu Pidasso said...

Not at all. No Drowning should be up there with waiting thirty minutes after eating before swimming, infact, the two might be intertwined. And tell your sister I'll indian leg wrestle her!! But I'll be naked with mud smeared and know the rest.

Man, do I love camping!! And the puppy shot in the chair would have been sweet!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll come back again.

Janis said...

I think your blog posts are awesome! I'll have to make a post this morning about drowning.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

I swim the same way. I can swim. But I'm not great swimmer. And I try to make sure that my kids are not afraid of the water or anything for that matter. Try to get them to face their fears head on. Just throw them right in the pool! LoL!

septembermom said...

I can't swim a stroke. I do want my kids to be good swimmers. I'm afraid of drowning too. I enjoy the pool but I always have that lingering fear in the back of my mind. I think "no drowning" rule is a good one at the pool :)

sarah m said...

Umm...I think it's a pretty good rule, actually! :)

Jenners said...

great ... another thing to add to my list!

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