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Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday High Five - what will you accomplish this weekend?

It's time for Friday High Five over at Angela's Adventures and Mishaps. To find out what all the fun is about click here. Link's fun.
Raise your hand if you work better with a list. You can't tell, but my hand is way up! WAAAAYYY UPPPPP. Lately I forget's probably a bad sign.
So this Friday's list will include five things I want to accomplish this weekend.
  • Finish Little G's birthday invites: I need to finish these up if I expect to have a party on the 17th. Hello...note to self it's already October.
  • Survive early a.m. soccer: Why oh why do we have soccer at 9 a.m. and have to be at the field at 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday???? It's Saturday. It's October. It's Pennsylvania. It's cold.
  • Grocery shop: This is self explanatory. However, I need to stress that we really have NO FOOD. I haven't a clue what we will eat this evening for supper.
  • Determine what scrapbook supplies I need for my trip: I said last week that my trip to the beach was falling apart around me, but we managed to pull our sh** together and rent a place and stop bitchin'. Which, with a large group of women, isn't as easy as it sounds.
  • Go to Target: I need some supplies for my laminater and Target is the only place that carries them.

If I haven't bored you to death...share what you have planned this weekend.

On a completely separate note, hilarious blogger Jenners is hosting a new game. Which is to write a version of William Carlos William's poem, This Is Just To Say,

Here is the original

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
saving for

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

Here is my version of the poem.

I have
decided not to
listen to
the drama

which you
were no doubt
surprised to

that mommys
can indeed ignore
whines and wails
it's true.

10 random thoughts:

SparkleFarkle said...

Oh, a beach trip! Will there be sand? Will there be poetry? (I like what you did with Carlos'!) Bring me back a smitch of both? Thanks!

Jenners said...

I'm glad the beach trip is coming together! Woo hoo!

And perhaps you can "grocery shop" at the school lunch room. There must be some leftovers you can stuff in our purse! : )

And I'm loving your version of the poem! I think it should be copied and distributed to all children!

Now go get cracking on this invites!

Thanks for playing!

Steven Anthony said...

My list.....

1. get some rest
2. get some rest
3. get some rest
4. get some rest
5. get some rest

lol, can u see a theme here;)

ladyfi said...

I enjoyed your twist on the Williams' poem!

septembermom said...

Your poem is great! Love the tone and playfulness. We have early soccer games this weekend too. Hope you have fun :)

Fresh Mommy said...

Like what you did with the poem and hope you're making it through the weekend with everything crossed off your list!!



Dan said...

At least your list has the excitement of going to Target. I'm not even doing that.

Angela said...

I'm glad your trip is a GO again! Sounds like so much fun! Do you actually get a lot of scrapbooking done with all those girls to chat with? I wouldn't but WHO CARES!!! Have fun! I HATE grocery shopping alas it is a necessary little evil! Don't you just love EARLY morning games in the cold! Last football season we had several early morning games that we had to be an hour early for on top of driving an hour to get there! We were leaving our house around 6 in the morning! That is insane for a saturday in the cold for 1st graders!! So glad this year we only had ONE early game! Have a great weekend!

Vicki said...

We can also ignore whines and wails from the husband. LOL !!!

Becca said...

Oh, I hope that you get everything accomplished . We also have absolutely nothing in this house to eat so grocery shopping is unfortunately on my to do list tonight. Good luck with soccer. That is super early on saturdays.. whew! Glad you beach trip is coming back together again!

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