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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Suckation 2009 - the highlight and blooper reel

My sister wants to kick my a** because according to her as long is she is on the trip no vacation can suck.

She wants me to include a few additional bits and pieces that I forgot to write about yesterday. And as I explained before, you don't want her on your bad side.

We had a nightly visit from a ....

Nope not a screech owl...a donkey. Yep. Almost every night around midnight two very excited donkeys were would bray somewhere off in the distance.

Also worthy of noting is the fact that my brother in law tried to empty the charcoal from his little grill by balancing the bottom grate on two marshmallow sticks.

This scene when something like this....

BIL: "What out. I'm going to dump this."

SISTER: "What?? You're gonna what?"

BIL: "I'm going to pick this up and dump it into the fire."

ME: "You should move that chair. He's going to catch it on fire."

BIL picks up the grate and manages to balance it for .02 seconds before the hot coals fall all over the then dry leaves.

BIL: "Quick...I need water or do you think I should pee on it?"

SISTER: "You are a f**king genius. I mean seriously, a f**king genius."

Plus the blooper reel would not be complete without and honorable mention of the time when my sisters 9 month old lab puppy climbed up into one of the kids little chairs and sat with us by the fire.

Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough with the camera.
Today was a much better day. We spent it at an amusement park near our house. Everyone had big smiles and lots of fun and best of all the dog stayed home.

4 random thoughts:

Becca said...

HAHA! It certainly sounds like your brother-in-law is something else! Thanks for the laugh. Such a good pic of the kids! Looks like they were loving it!

septembermom said...

Serenades from donkeys! Ha! The "should I pee on it" line is priceless. Glad to see those happy kid faces in the photo!!

Ladybug said...

I think that sounds like normal vacationing with Heather....even sounds kinda tame!!! Miss you!!

Ladybug said...

I think that sounds like normal vacationing with Heather....even sounds kinda tame!!! Miss you!!

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