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Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun and Games 7 with (the world famous) Jenners: Wacky Word Problems

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. I suck at math. Seriously. I was in the "special" class in high school, which I have to tell you was mortifying and convinced me there was something wrong with my brain.

I do not know how to add things that have letters of the alphabet in them.

I have trouble balancing my check book.

I loathe word problems.

So how can I pass up the opportunity to write a few pointless one and play along with Jenners. How does she come up with all this nonsense???

  1. If a monkey insulted my sister four times and then spit at me, who would kick the monkey but six times over?
  2. Sally bought six apples for her trip to the beach; Alex brought two apples and Billy brought zero apples. How many apples should Sally and Alex share with Billy to make sure everyone has the same amount of apples?
  3. If you subtract my net worth from that of say Oprah's net worth, then add those two figures together, whose funeral would be more widely watched on National TV?
  4. Two dogs, plus five kids, plus four irritated adults equals?
  5. If x equals the sum of y then how many x's does it take to equal 57 whys?
  6. Blog comments, plus blog followers, plus words of affirmation equals what?

The answers:

  1. Obviously my sister; I would just not talk to the monkey and secretly hate it for up to five days.
  2. Sally, Alex and Billy are siblings. They aren't sharin' nothin'!
  3. This is a trick question. The answer is, of course, is my funeral would be more widely watched. Everyone knows that net worth is not measured in dollar amounts but in how many people feel better for having known you.
  4. One disastrous camping trip.
  5. One two year old
  6. A shameless plug for followers and comments, and my love language---so spread some love and leave a comment. Better yet follow me here and on twitter. Everyone is doing it and you know you want to.

Thanks for visiting today! To read more of these crazy word problems click on Jenners button above.

5 random thoughts:

septembermom said...

These are very clever! The sibling one was funny and so true. A disastrous camping trip never adds up to peace and happiness for mom:)

Anonymous said...

Very creative - and I love the answers too.

Jenners said...

Love these! I like the word play on the "whys" one! Very clever and creative! And I love that you gave the answers too -- I think it helps to make them feel so complete and is the "icing on the cake." Thanks for playing!

Enfys said...

I think you should be my daughter, I might adopt you. I am hopeless at maths as well, if I don't have the right number of fingers available it doesn't get done...
Have a lovely weekend
En xx

Janis said...

Too funny!

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