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Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Update - pictures, bike riding and hiding from hail

Some of you who popped by this morning or over the weekend saw my post with the hail storm photos. Whew...we still haven't fully recovered from how crazy that really was.

As for my "What I'd like to accomplish list" I did pretty well.
I finally got Big G's photos taken. Here are the two I like best. It wasn't too hard to pick because a) the guy taking the photos must have been relatively new; he got glare from her glasses on three of the photos. Hello. You are taking digital photos. Look at the one you just took and find out if there is glare. b) she just had spring photos taken at school so I really only needed a small package.

I figured out my mileage for DH and the total came to almost $1,000; I guess that will work out to my benefit. Good thing I kept track.

After much debate and a few comments, I decided to keep the scrapbook page just as it is. It is growing on me.

The birth announcements for my friend are 90 percent complete. I still haven't taken a photo. They are very simple, but I think that she will like them. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

All 34 pages I made last weekend are now in a new scrapbook album. I love it. Nothing beats getting all those into page protectors!

The house is very quiet because all of the bambinos are at school and I'm tempted to just blog all afternoon, but alas laundry is beckoning and I must run the vacuum. Dog hair is over taking my home!

What did you accomplish this weekend?

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Angela said...

What did I accomplish? Absolutely nothing but reading blogs, blogging, made a snowman and played around on picnik. Highly productive!! Throw in cooking a few meals and doing laundry.....that looks a little better!

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