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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Holy HAIL! - pictures from our freak hail storm

I should preface this post by saying shortly before this mamoth hail storm, I took all the kids and the dog to the park to ride bikes.  If we had not left when we did, we would have been caught in this mess.  The thought is really terrifying to me as I'm sure these hail balls would have really hurt us and I don't know where we would have hid.

This is my yard.  If you look closely you can see each individual hail ball.  We had to actually shovel our driveway.  That's how much hail we got.

This is the hail that came out of our rain spouting.
This is the hail in my hubby's hands.  He is 6'2".  The hail is HUGE!
This is one of the holes I have in the siding of my house.
It sounded like a tornado.  It was so loud and super intense.  One minute it was thundering, the next minute is was pouring hail from the sky.  Totally freaky...I'm so blessed that I wasn't at the park with all my babies!

3 random thoughts:

Jean said...

I feel ya! Right before it started I called the kids all in off the trampoline. Billy ran out to get his bike and shut the garage. He shut the door and all HAIL (he he) broke loose!
Ya think insurance will cover all the siding cracks? We got a bunch.

InkHearts said...

Wow! Glad you guys were not caught out in that stuff! We had one like that when we lived in Dallas and it was super scary! Hope you did not get too much damage...


Word is: macchent, which is a pageant where all the contestants match!

Angela said...

Oh goodness! Good thing you beat this home!

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