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Friday, July 22, 2011

Poolside Perspective: What I learned (Week 4)

It's time, once again, to review what we learned at the pool this week.

It was again hotter than the surface of the sun in Pennsylvania and that tends to bring people in droves to the pool.

All kinds of people.

You just never know when a life lesson might present itself.  Best to have a notebook.

  • Get your own table.  Imagine if you got to the pool before everyone else.  You sat your cooler down on a picnic table with an umbrella and started to spray your kids with sunscreen only to be accossted by a freak and his whining 12 year old implying that you "stole" their table.  Say what?  I don't see you name on it.  There is one there, and there, and there and oh look there is even one over there.
  • Butterflies have small brains.  This really isn't all that hard to imagine when you think of how tiny their heads are but seriously you have an entire open meadow to fly around in and yet you can't stopp landing on the water?  Are you suicidal?  There's a kids book for you--Ben the Suicidal Butterfly and how he learned that life is worth living.  My kids had to save his sorry butt like four times.  Finally they released him on the other side of the fence.
  • Friends vs. siblings  My kids can play for hours at the pool without annoying me as long as they have a friend.  God forbid that friend is on vacation and they have to play the same game with each other.  This will result in incredible amounts of whining, physical assaults, and crying.
  • Rafts, Rafts and Rafts.  We have a handful of rafts.  Some of which we store at the pool and some of which we don't.  The raft room has become so overcrowded as of late that it takes at least 20 minutes to find your raft.  The kids love to search for the raft (which works out well for me) but this week they learned why keeping them there isn't the best idea when the found out their beloved innertube was trampled and popped.
  • You took a bite of what?  My neighbors little girl has these foam squirt guns.  They are really cool and the squirt really far.  She left it by the stairs when she realized she had to go to the bathroom.  Some little boy picked it up and took a HUGE bite out of it.  Really?  Who does that?  Even if you're four, that still seems like an unacceptable behavior.  Him mom took it off of him, sat it back down and walked with him to the other side of the pool.  No I'm sorry.  No Nothing.
In conclusion, we learned rafts pop, toddlers bite, butterflies aren't one of God's smartest creatures but still might be smarter than the guy and his tween who attempted to claim our table as their own and life is always better shared with a friend vs. a sibling.

What did you learn this week?

7 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

ha, your conclusion is brilliant ....

happy weekend my friend

becca said...

who says summer vacation aren't educational and eww he bit it yuck

Kristie Maynard said...

So when this dad and kid came over and claimed it was their table, did the kid say in a whiney voice "But we ALLLLWAAAAAYSSSS use this table." Like they own it. I bet she did, or maybe the mindless dad did. Ya gotta wonder!


lol that was a great read.

ahh siblings without friends , I remember those days ...

BusdrivinDeb said...

I learned that every person who walks into an extremely hot kitchen, feels the need to announce as they enter..."wow! It's HOT in here!" DUH!
I also learned that every village has an idiot...our village has more than one and they think it's ok to clear someone else's property so their kids can have their own minibike/ATV track...

On a positive note, I learned that encouraging someone who is stressing about something can lift their spirits and help them through the week :-)

Mitch Block said...

I learned that it is much more relaxing -- and much less interesting -- to to go to the pool without kids. SO funny!

septembermom said...

Now that's a first. Imagine taking a bite out of that!

I so get you when it comes to the kids not being able to play the same game with each other.

I'm off to the pool today :)

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