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Friday, December 9, 2011

Lessons from the Lunchlady: Are you giving me the bird?

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat...please put a penny in the old man.s hat!  Um...there is something in the air and I'm blaming it on the fat guy in the red suit.  He has a habit of winding kids up.

Here's what I learned:

Not all pears are created equal.  Dear Harvest of Eden Pear Provider...your pears suck. I wouldn't feed them to elementary kids even if they were the only pears left on the planet.  They are canned far to early.  They are not ripe.  They have brown bumps all over them.  What are those brown bumps.  If there really is an Eden at your company, can you have her call me.  We need to talk pears.

Hot or Cold Veggies.  I have lamented numerous times about offering veggie choices.  It is time consuming and wasteful.  This week corn was kicking salad's arse.  I made it through most of kindergarten before I realized that they thought I was saying POPcorn instead of HOT corn.

Do you hear what I hear?  I got my co-worker an elf hat with a bell on the end.  It entertained her the entire day and her constant jingling made me laugh.  Of course, it was even better when she would inadvertently hit herself in the face with the bell.  Now. that. is. funny.

Stuffing balls. Next week is our dreaded Holiday Meal.  A big mess that goes down the garbage disposal.  In fact, I may videotape some of that waste.  In order to make the day a little more fun I bought myself a new hat. Can you guess what we are having?  My hat is kind of like giving everyone the bird. LOL
Holiday parties.  We had our annual Child Nutrition Department Staff Holiday Party this week.  It was so much easier when I could call that the Lunch lady Christmas Party and then we had to hire some lunch men.  Some how the party went from a sit down chicken dinner to a pizza party at the middle school.  The menu was a little lame, but I laughed a lot.  Don't tell anyone, but I can have fun pretty much anywhere.

What did you learn this week?

8 random thoughts:

Cath @ Constance Reader said...

My grandma used to say the "Christmas is coming" saying. It makes me smile.

I agree with you--pears can go real bad real quick. Ughhhh.

Kristie Maynard said...

You have some good lessons there! And I love the hat. When my kids were in elementary school, I had all kinds of hats and headbands. Something for every occasion, but I never had a turkey hat and I feel cheated!
What did I learn? Let's see, I guess I learned that even though this is the latest Buffalo has ever gotten their first snow fall, it's still too early for me. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I could do without this white stuff!
By the way, thanks for your comments on my blog! And I keep coming back here because I love reading your posts, really love them!

CJ said...

What did I learn this week...

I learned that even though I like my alone time away from the family, I really do miss the 20 minutes a day I get to see my husband. He's away helping his brother move here.

I learned that I really do need to steam clean my carpet. We have a new puppy and now it looks like I have bleach spots on my carpet. When in reality they are just clean spots.

I learned that no matter how hard I try to do something I might just fail at it, and that it's okay. It just means I'm human.


P.S. I love the hat.

Cap'n Salty said...

Oh dear Lord, that hat is just awesome!! I can totally see the cafeteria staff at my kids' schools in those, it would be a hoot!

Moving with Mitchell said...

So much to comment on, but that hat completely distracted me. I love it!!! I didn't learn anything this week except.

Jenners said...

I just have to laugh at all the kids wondering where their popcorn was!

DeepBlue said...

Now, THAT hat is going to be the talk of the school until Easter... that is if you can keep it on your head. It looks quite "oversized" a bit.

And I want my popcorn with extra buttah...


septembermom said...

I know that you are a pro at having fun! Now I want an elf hat too!

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