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Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday High Five: Five things that put me in a funk this week

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I'm going to let you in on a little secret (leaning close to whisper in your ear) I've been in a bit of a funk this week and I can't seem to shake it. Here are five things currently contributing to my funk.
  1. The Dentist: It is no big secret that I'm not a big fan of the dentist. I have had my share of dental work (including three root canals) and visiting him generally puts me into a funk. But this particular visit on Monday was for a filing (my first in 4 years) and the tooth he was filing wasn't bothering me at all. Therefore, I was of the mindset that if it doesn't hurt I shouldn't let him mess with it. But alas, I didn't follow my gut on that and now my tooth is sensitive, annoyed and generally pissed off, sort of like the rest of me.
  2. My kids. Don't get me wrong, I love those little buggers, but this week they have been pushing all of my buttons. I can remember holding those sweet little infants and I never once pictured them spitting on each other, screaming I hate you, or destroying the house. I think we may have reached our summer "fun" limit.
  3. My husband. He seems to be in a bad mood this week, too. Maybe my funk and his funk are creating a superfunk. Kind of like a supergerm only worse because you can't just spray Lysol and kill it. Or maybe it is all just a figment of my funk filled mind.
  4. My house. It is a mess and we are expecting a houseful this weekend. Friends of ours are visiting from Ohio and my in-laws are coming for the day on Saturday. I think I need a Redbull if I'm going to tackle this monster. Of course, it doesn't help that no one can go outside right now and play while I clean because they are currently working on the roof and siding damage we experience from the holy hail storm we experienced in March.
  5. My dog. He is barking at every bang, bump and movement. I realize that he is a dog and that expaning roof/siding work to him is pointless, but damn it is getting old. Anyone have a fenced in yard I can lock him in until they are done raining mine with siding, shingles and nails??? Warning: He is part goat and recently ate my neighbors swimming pool. You may want to move your patio furniture.

Here's hoping my funk dissipates along with this cloudy, chilly, just plain yucky weather. My birthday is next week and I want to be in a better mood.

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P.S.S. Come back tomorrow and share something you made this week for Let's Get Crafty Saturday.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like everything is getting to you at the moment. May I suggest sending the dog to the dentist thereby killing off two problems, then sending the kids out to put on siding. It usually takes at least a day before they discover that it is more fun to turn the hammers on each other than to beat on the wall. {*grin*}

Hope your weekend goes better!

septembermom said...

Hope the funk goes away too! My kids are pushing my buttons like crazy today. You have me worried about my next dentist appointment. Like you, I need a filling but have no tooth pain. I'm hesitant to go through with it. So your dog likes swimming pools as chew toys? I guess he keeps your life interesting. Happy Friday:)

Angela said...

Sorry about the "superfunk"! I had to laugh at that superfunk comment though since I think we are superfunky here too!!! ha! Love it! Anyway we have definitely exceeded the "fun" limit here and although I love my can't start soon enough and I need adult conversations and a job!! I don't think they are sweet anymore just demanding, rude and always fighting!!! ugh! Hubs dog Moose....I hate him! He has been chasing his tail and barking at his butt for almost two months now. He had an infection that started the fiasco but now I think it is just a BAD HABIT!! If he is awake, he is running around in circles!! IT IS SO ANNOYING, NOISY AND ....UGH! Most dogs with brains realize YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO CATCH IT, YOU FAT LAZY DOG!! Not bitter! Not bitter at all!! There will be an upcoming post on that mutt!

Enfys said...

Oh dear! Hope the weekend is better.... the photo of the cukes made me laugh. WHY? Kids are so random. Your parcel is still unposted, I'll do it on monday, off to London for the WE.

En xx

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