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Friday, July 17, 2009

400th Post Extravaganza - It involves a lot of adhesive and a RAK

Today is my 400th post and while I would love to give away something like $400 the fact of the matter is I can't.

However, if anyone would like to give me $400 that would be swell. LOL

That being said my sister and I came up with this idea that there are at least 400 different ways to adhere things together.

Here are some examples.

  1. Elmer's school glue
  2. paper clips
  3. Krazy Glue
  4. Embellishment glue stick
  5. Dual tip glue stick
  6. Binder clips
  7. Safety pins
  8. Adhesive Tab Applicator
  9. Poster Tape
  10. Staples from a cute little stapler
  11. different colored staples - green is my favorite
  12. Future glue (seriously)
  13. Hot glue gun with sticks
  14. Terrifically Tacky Tape
  15. snaps
  16. Duct tape (now available in many colors)
  17. glue sticks
  18. glue dots
  19. scotch tape
  20. masking tape
  21. painter's tape
  22. Mono adhesive
  23. Stickles
  24. Maple Syrup (if you are in a bind...)
  25. Denture Paste
  26. poster hangers
  27. clothes pins
  28. gum
  29. silly putty
  30. That stuff they put on the floor on I Survived A Japanese Game Show

If you would like to win the first 17 items on this list (and I mean who wouldn't) leave me a comment listing another way to adhere something. For an additional chance, follow my blog. For an even better chance, blog about my Adhesive Extravaganza on your blog.

The winner will be announced on July 30th. I know that's a Thursday, but it's my birthday and I like Thursdays.

If you like to craft, come back tomorrow for Let's Get Crafty Saturday and link up something you made this week.

12 random thoughts:

Jenny said...

Mavalus Tape, we use it up at the school so it won't take the paint off the walls ;)

Jenny said...

I added it to my post today :)

Melissa said...

Wallpaper paste :)???
Congrats on your 400th post!

Enfys said...

What a great idea for blog candy, I reckon you could stick anything to anything with my home-made bread dough, it's always very sticky, very heavy and very inedible, but it smells good in the oven:)
Will pop this on my blog tomorrow
En xx

septembermom said...

Congrats on your 400th post! That's great!! I'm sticky now because I just ate at PB&J sandwich. How about velcro?

hhalsall said...

I think you are crazy but I added this link to my facebook page and included some of my favorite things such as gorilla glue, nair, nair polish, and possibly soda.

Cristina said...

Hi saw your comment on the pink stamper..and decided to come check you out...great contest..congrats on 400th...another way to stick something would be hair
or hair paste....
I will blog about it on my blog...

jd said...

Congrats on your 400th Blog. I would say the best way to adhere anything is to use cooked oatmeal. My DH leaves it behind on the counter, bowl and spoon and it takes a chisel to remove it. Luckily he is a great guy so I don't get too upset. Keep up the great work. You inspire me.


Jenners said...

Wow! 400 posts! That is fantastic! And what a unique giveaway!! Though the last thing I need is something sticky! I'll let the crafters out there take a shot!

mommyfink said...

Hi! Great post! My kids love to adhere stickers to everything and they use stickers to adhere paper to paper by folding the sticker around the sides of the paper. Crazy kids! Congrats on 400 posts and Happy Birthday!

Crystal said...

Congrats on 400! YAY! I follow your blog already because I think you are hiliarious with your adventures!

How about fondant for sticking stuff together? Or icing? Can you tell I have cake on my mind? LOL

Dan said...

Tack welding
Liquid Nail

But ... For the perfect stick to it fix that fits with the farmer mindset:
baling wire

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