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Friday, August 10, 2012

Poolside is postponed...for now.

This week I made it to the pool once.


Between company leaving and different company arriving, between the Tyson chicken and the Pillsbury Doughboy, between mammograms and trips to Hershey, between storm clouds and rain storms, we made it to the pool once.

And even though I learned a few things, I will save them for next week OUR LAST POOLSIDE PERSPECTIVE of the summer. (say it isn't so!)

The week of the 20th, I need to prepare the kitchen for the return of the troops. I'll probably also need a few extra Xanax as I begin to freak out over the fact that I AM NOW THE BOSS. (what was I thinking???)

Over the next 14 days three of them will be spent in meetings. I still wanna clean out a few closets on throw some crap out Tuesday and I'd like to finish my deck furniture project. Here's a preview.

I am working in a scrapbook for a friend and I'd love to get my kids birthday books and school books up to date!!

Can it all be done. Odds are not likely, but it's fun to try.

What's on your agenda for summer's end???

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Monkey Man said...


Mitchell is Moving said...

Can't believe you're already talking about the end of summer! The deck furniture project is wonderful. Amazing what a little paint can do.

Kristie Maynard said...

Your deck is going to be gorgeous with all that color! Can't believe you'll be having your last Poolside Perspectives!
Things won't be changing much around here since my kids aren't in school, so it is pretty much status quo for me.
I am hoping to finish up the craft room soon, it's nearly there. And I'm really hoping to visit my friend in Toledo for a while.
Good luck getting all that 'stuff' done!

becca said...

i can't believe summer is over only a few more days and school is back in session

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