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Monday, August 13, 2012

An Open Post-It to a few irritants

I haven't slept much in the last two weeks.  I'm starting to feel the results of it.  I'm a little more irritable.  I'm a little easier to anger.  I am certain that once school starts (in two freakin' weeks) that I am going to be exhausted.  So why can't I sleep in while I still have a chance?

Last week I wrote an open letter to my mammogram and within 24 hours I got a call back asking if a diagnostic mammogram could be performed on my right breast.  I went today for an even more elaborate mammogram (I'm now a seasoned pro) and was told I would have results prior to leaving.  Once out of my cool cape, I was escorted to a room filled with random images of my boob.  It was ....I don't know.  Weird?  Awkward?  Nerve racking?  The radiologist showed me random flecks of nothing and said that they were calcium deposits but he could not determine if they were cancer or not.  His best guess is no but he suggested that they rescan my breast in six month.  Um...this is not going to help my insomnia.

While I am VERY excited to be serving significantly improved student lunches, I am disappointed that the USDA thinks that an entire cup of fruit and/or vegetables is a proper serving for a K-3 student.  This is exceptionally wasteful.  Very few students will eat this entire serving.

Why do you hate me?  Why can't you smoothly transition into my helm?  Why can't you change over passwords in a easy and quick manner?  Why are you not up to date with current students.  Can't we come to a truce?  I didn't want S to leave either.  I wanted her to stay.  So play nice or this year is going to suck for the both of us.

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Monkey said...

isomnia does suck...Im going on my third week :(

heres keeping my fingers crossed you sleep well tonight friend :)

~Wendy said...

I wish I could help you with your last one... but alas - all privileges have been revoked... :O(

Perhaps the children could brush up on your reading and read you a bedtime story to help with your insomnia... I bet Little G would find that humorous. :O)

Hang in there... you've got this. Keep us posted on the boob stuff and insomnia. I am certain they are very much related.

Rebecca said...

i would offer to sing you a lullaby but that would give you nightmares

Kristie Maynard said...

Sorry to hear all these sucky things going on.
Several years ago I had a mammo experience that upset me too. I started going to a different place for my mammo, the old place had closed and sent the files over to the new one. Once I had waited to 'be sure the pictures turned out okay' they told me they wanted to "do a sonogram on that area they have been watching" What? Area they had been watching? Who knew anything about that? Apparently the old place had found an area that was "thickened" and were keeping track of it for a few years, but no one ever told ME!!!! Don't they think I would have been more diligent in having a mammo every year ON SCHEDULE if I knew there was something to watch?
As it turned out, there is nothing wrong, but geez, tell me there is a possibility. Jerks! Seems to me that a good majority of my friends have had something questionable on their mammos and it's always been just nothing. But that being said, keep on top of it just to be sure.
As for that insomnia, I haven't been sleeping well either and it just sucks! I hope you get that undercontrol and can get rested before school starts.

Jenners said...

The exact same thing happened to me with my first (baseline) mammogram so I don't think you need to worry. I stressed and it all turned out OK. They just need to get to know your breasts and see what is normal and what isn't.

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