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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Can I serve French fries everyday as long as I include 3% milk?

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up to attend the school nutrition association's annual conference.

I, however, was pleasantly surprised. Great things are happening in school nutrition and I think the more excited we get about it the more excited the kids will be.

Yesterday, I got to hang out with Jill Jayne from Jump with Jill. We did things like this...

I also got to meet the Tyson chicken and the pilsbury doughboy.

School meals will still continue to have five components but instead of fruits and veggie being combined they will now be seperate groups.

What does that mean to you?

It means in an offer vs. serve district your child can no longer receive a qualifying meal without taking a fruit or a veggie.

Before, a sandwich and a milk was a reimbursable meal. Now we get to say cool things like.

"Slow down, Sam, and get some yams."

"Pick up some beets, Pete."

"Stop with the boos and jeers and try some pears."

Now it might come as a shock to you that not everyone is super receptive to change.


Some people (thankfully no one I work with) just want to serve fries and pizza everyday.

But it is time to say goodbye to those days.

Pizza is now on whole grain crust.

The "fries" are really sweet potatoes.

The chocolate milk is fat free.

Who knows, before the end of the year I might get your kiddo to try some arugula.

7 random thoughts:

Monkey Man said...'s about time we teach the youth that what we eat really matters...

you go girl :)

becca said...

being in food service can i ask does this information translate state wide across america or only in your state or county

Kristie Maynard said...

What a fun program it must be to have Jill come to a school!
I think if they let you be a little creative and encourage the kids to try things, you'll have a great results.
I do love that there are options now rather than what it was like when I was a kid. I always knew on Thursday the school lunch would be spaghetti with meat sauce and green beans. That was it, no other choice. I think giving a choice is so much better for the kids and it sounds like you're learning some great things to put into action in your lunchroom.

kisatrtle said...

Becca, theses are new federal guidelines for school lunch. Not just PA :-)

Becca said...

I think this is so great! It's awesome that they are providing so many different healthy options for the kiddos!

TortugaRachel said...

It's about time they started working toward healthier choices and requirements. I really hope my kids' district is one that embraces this idea.

Jenners said...

Glad to hear that good changes are happening!!

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