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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lessons from the lunchlady: you won an estrogen class!

This week was only four days long but it felt like 40. Here's what I learned the first week back in 2012.

New clothes. If you (or Santa) bring your children summer clothes for Christmas they will wear them even if it is 18 degrees outside. I thought I saw a second grader in a swimsuit but it was just a beaded glamour cami. OMG!

Extra gym class. When one of our first grade class won an extra gym class and it was announced over the intercome one of the maintenance guys asked me if they just won an "estrogen" class. You're laughing because they really do sound so similiar.

Jellyfish. All the wasted food comes back to the dishroom and travels down to the garbage disposal. Sometimes it gets a little backed up. At one point, I could have sworn there was a jellyfish floating in that river of half eaten proccessed food. Alas, it was frozen apple juice.

Old is in the eye of the beholder. I wished a 7 year old a happy birthday this week and asked her if she felt old. Her response. "Not really. My grandma is 52 and she is still alive!". Great. Now I feel old.

Retirement should be a four letter word. My boss keeps tossing this idea around. It feels like she is kicking me everytime she says it. Here's hoping things take a turn in a different direction.

What did you learn this week?

13 random thoughts:

becca said...

kids are fun and very honest. plus Ewww jellyfish

Enfys said...

Good week then Wendy!

Lisha - said...

Do you think the maintenance man might have been pondering ways to crash the "estrogen class?"

Rebekah C said...

LOL, great post. I especially liked your comments about small children wearing seasonally inappropriate clothes, lol. My kids are all like that, I had to talk my 7yo out of an actual bathing suit yesterday.

Kristie Maynard said...

You definately learned some good things this week. I learned that no matter how strange people are, they can just get stranger and stranger.

And who is she speaking of retiring, you or her? Certainly not you! Way to young to be thinking that!

Adventures in Alyssaland said...

Forget seasonally also sounds age inappropriate.

StoriesAndSweetPotatoes said...

Oh my. I didn't learn anything this good. That picture is just hilarious horrifying.

Wendy said...

I learned staying up until 3:00 in the morning to update your blog isn't the smartest thing to do!
I also learned extra gym class does kinda sound like you won an estrogen class when you think about it! :) Thanks for the laughs my friend!

The Schweitzers said...

I love the comment about "old." I used to think 60 sounded old, but now I'm going to consider it middle aged. Your picture made me laugh out loud! Visiting from Write on Edge.

Jenners said...

I just can't stop laughing at the hot dog photo!!!!!

Pat said...

52 is OLD? Sheesh! Better put me in a home, then!

An extra estrogen class? I think I need that!

Mitch Block said...

I'd also like to know who your boss is talking about or is your boss just saying retirement should be a four-letter word. Can't believe that kid's grandmother is still alive at 52. Maybe I'm still alive after all. I'll have to check.

kisatrtle said...

Always crazy in the cafe!

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