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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The best (Blgg Posts) of 2011, part 2

Continuing with what we started here I am finishing up my favorite blog posts of 2011.

In July,

We had tons of fun at our first book club, we went boating with some great friends, and we celebrated my birthday by learning a ton of things at the lake.  I started a new blog column call Poolside Perspective, I shared with the seven things I learned from Harry Potter and we talked about all the things I (GASP) missed about school.

In August:

We went to the ALS walk and enjoyed a rainy day with some family, we spent another rainy day at Hershey and we enjoyed a visit from my sister and her family.  On the blog I shared 10 things I wish someone had told me about blogging,I wrote a tribute to a teacher I had in 7th grade, and we concluded our poolside education

In September

We suffered through a lot of rain, helped a friend dig out her basement and went to my cousin's wedding.  I blogged about my apathy towards fundraising and how a chipmunk once took a bite out of me and the tree types of parents

In October

We celebrated Little G's 8th birthday, we had a grown up day at the PA ren fair where we party like rock stars in the rain.  I wrote a eulogy to our hermit crab and an open letter to my son and share with all of you a few things you shouldn't buy at the dollar store

In November

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house in North Carolina, we went to see the Muppet and I took oldest out for her first time of Black Friday shopping.  I blogged about some FAQ about me and I shared my thoughts on the Penn State scandal  On a much lighter note, we talked about the importance of checking yourself

In December

In December we celebrated Christmas for a VERY. LONG. TIME, we went to quite a few holiday concerts and we danced in the new year with some great friends.  I shared a sneak peak of a cute craft and wrote this open letter to my middle daughter.  I also wrote a tribute to the big guy...Santa Claus.

3 random thoughts:

Kristie Maynard said...

Love your year in review. I love your poolside perspectives and my favorite post was about using different names to order things at the snack bar. I still chuckle when I think of it. I haven't done this but one day I'm going to put in an order for something and tell them my name is Zsa Zsa or something similar.

Kristen said...

and your friend is VERY greatful for the help in her basement that day and thankful that you are such a wonderful and loving friend.

Kristen said...

and your friend is greatful to have you help clean up her mess back in September. She wouldn't be sane without you. You are truly a wonderful friend.

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