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Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's talk about Christmas, shall we

If you stopped over looking for a OUAT review, then you're likely disappointed.  OUAT is on hiatus until January 8th.  My witty reviews of that show will return once the reruns stop. 

In the meantime, since you're hear, let's talk about Christmas.

Do you have a nativity and if you do is baby Jesus on display?  Um...I never really thought about concealing baby Jesus until Christmas Day, but apparently this is a tradition that many people hold dear.  So I'm dying to know, is there a Jesus in your stable right now?

How many gifts does Santa bring to your house?  Santa brings three gifts to each of our children.  Baby Jesus got three gifts from the wise men and that is what Santa brings here.  The rest of the stuff, odds and ends, is from mom and dad.

Does your elf on the shelf move every day?  As I blogged about before my kids think our elf is dead and I am wondering if your elf forgets to move.  If you have one of those over-achieving elves that bakes cookies and reads books, please refrain from commenting.

Do you send out holiday cards?  Seems that each year I get less and less Christmas cards and for some reason it sort of feels like a Facebook unfriend.  Are you still sending or have you stopped long ago?

Do you include a "brag letter" in your cards?  I have been mocked by my family for many years for including what they call a "Jan Letter".  Let me explain.  When we were all much younger my mom's cousin Jan used to include an update of sorts in her card.  Her letter would read "My 14 year old just received her doctorate and has been asked to perform ballet in Australia."  Whether or not that was true, I couldn't say.  My update on the other hand says things like, "Oldest G is almost 13 and plays the clarinet when we force her to."  Totally different.

What is your least favorite Christmas songWhat is your favorite?  Okay I have a lot of Christmas songs that I DO NOT LIKE.  Gasp!  The one I hate the most is The Christmas Shoes.  Seriously?  You need to buy shoes for your dying mother.  As if the song wasn't bad enough they made it into a Lifetime movie.  I also dislike anything sung by Michael Bolton....oh and Ave Maria.

One of my favorite song.  Is The Ballad of the Christmas Donkey by Ed Ames as it reminds me of happy times in my childhood when my mom and dad were still together.  Also, I love any song sung by the muppets as long as they aren't singing with Michael Bolton.

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DeepBlue said...


Oh dearest Kisa. Thank Lord for being you! I'm crying like the donkey right now, but I'm crying out of laughter!

Oh God... let see: Our little Jesus was GLUED in a small manger that was GLUED onto the stable floor... so we had no choice: Jesus was born the day we put up the tree sometime around December 15th! Now, we don't do the tree and nativity anymore! (and I don't miss it)

My parents never thought about the "three gifts policy"! Now, we don't do gifts (and I don't miss it either)

I do send Christmas cards. I'm just happy I don't have the home addresses of all my friends on Facebook!!! (but I will send them virtual cards anyways so...)

I can only listen to instrumental version of Christmas songs now! And I'm scare to go to shopping malls cause I just can't stand hearing Celine anymore! It's all about Céline singing "Chestnuts roasted on an open fire", Céline singing "Le feu danse dans la cheminée" (French version of the previous one), Céline, Céline, Céline...

I do love Christmas!
Honestly! ;)

Anonymous said...

1. Our Jesus is under the tree currently..never heard of the waiting 'til Christmas eve/day thing.
2. We do the "3 gifts from Santa" in our house too. They usually end up with 3 more from us, plus stocking stuffers and little thing, but we only have 2 kids.
3. This should make you feel good...I don't even HAVE an Elf on a Shelf! We do actually own one, but I just never started that tradition, so he just sits on an end table. I did start a "Christmas box" tradition once they were old enough to know what was going on, which just entails a treat of some sort in a little box each day, but they know it's me who puts it in and I don't start until 2 weeks before Christmas, so it's not that much pressure.
4. I do still send cards, but have also noticed a reduction.

5. I gotta be honest...the brag letters bug me. I've considered sending out a sarcastic one..."My older child is in one sport per season because frankly we enjoy having some free time and do not wish our lives to be consumed by sports, nor do we wish to be spending each weekend traveling, and our 5 year old is in nothing yet because, contrary to popular opinion, I/we do no think it's necessary nor has he asked to join anything. We'd like to keep our lives as simple as possible for as long as possible...It'll get crazy soon enough. P.S., We still haven't been to Disney and don't see it happening anytime soon, which I'm sure in most of your books, is child abuse. Merry Christmas!"
6. Most favorite...O Holy Night sung by Josh Groban. Least favorite...Anything sung by William Shatner or Kathie Lee Gifford, Christmas or not Christmas.

Jenni M said...

1. Whaaat?? Yeah, I've never heard of that either. Nope, baby Jesus is displayed from the minute we sit the scene out until we pack it back up.

2. Zero. Have you met Tristen?? lol He is the most inquisitive, literal thinker out there. You better not BS him because he'll question you until he's blue in the face and until he's satisfied with your explanation. Sooo, we don't deny or play up Santa. We just let him be...

3. I'd love to play 'elf on the shelf' (even though there is no way Tristen would believe the elf was moving himself. Although, he'd love searching for him every morning) but I can't force myself to pay 26 bucks for that little thing.

4.We really, really try to send them out every year. This year I actually had mine printed and ready to go the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I think having more kids has made me more organized in this area. lol

5. We use to have these in with our cards, but not anymore. I guess I stopped after I stopped receiving them myself. Also, once we started the family website, it pretty much contained everything we would have put in our letters.

6. Least favorite, Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, and Carol of the Bells because instead of thinking of the beautiful Christmas songs, I think of the "alternative" songs done to the same tune.

Kristie Maynard said...

Okay, I've gotta say I've never heard that one before. But speaking of donkeys, this is one of my favorites not the best video of it, but you'll get the point. I think this one is my favorite though Love, love, love it, such an unlikely pair to create a classic!
this year we don't have a single decoration up, Dave took his cousin to the hospital the other day and and she is terminal and his aunt needs to be put into a nursing home asap and the cousin is an animal hoarder and we are trying to deal with that. It is one big nightmare. We don't even have a tree yet. We're taking things one day at a time, minute by minute.
We'll make it though. I'm determined to have a nice Christmas day though.

Jenny Stephens said...

I absolutely adored this post my friend! :) First of all, I have to say that I am still what most would consider young, and my husband of 5 years and I do not have any children so our family looks a little different than most which means I can't really participate in the Santa and Elf thing. But I LOVE the A LOT!! Kids or not, I still have a fully decorated home and tree, carols playing almost 24-7, festivities going on all the time, but all the while, I know the most important thing I love and think about most at Christmas is Jesus. So my nativity is pretty special to me. It's a small reminder of the biggest and best gift HE has given undeserving, little ol salvation! :)

I also send out Christmas cards, but I send way more than I recieve nowdays, which also bumms me out. I do not include any letter, just a simple little message with a family picture on a pretty card.

My favorite Christmas song is "Baby it's cold outside" favorite version of it being Dolly Parton & Rod Stewart. :)I also love the old Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis, & Bruce Springsteen my parents fed me at an early age!

Merry Christmas to you!!!

And although I enjoy Christmas carols VERY much, I can't STAAAAAAND the "Do They Know It's Christmas" song...that hot mess of a song from the 80's. lol

Becca said...

It cracks me up that your Elf has "died". I have one friend that search for many different elf on the shelf ideas on Pinterest. You should see her DAILY facebook posts of his newest activity!

We considered the three gift rule. I think that is such an awesome way to keep the true meaning behind the gift giving.

Jenners said...

I love your three gifts from Santa!! That is genius! Genius I tell you!! Would solve a lot of problems for me!

My favorite Christmas song is Merry Christmas Baby by Otis Redding (his version only). Just love the feel of it and his voice.

Well, I forgot the rest of the questions so that is all you get from me!

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