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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Tribute: Santa Claus

In keeping with my Christmas theme, I decided to write a tribute post to Santa. The red-suited-white-beared-bringer-of-the-best-presents-guy we all love.

Dear Santa,

I want to take this opportunity to applaud you as our Christmas hero. It seems that you always bring the best gifts. Never the necessities like clothing and toothpaste. Seems you specialize in those hard to find gifts, usually made in China.

Really, Santa? I thought you would be above outsourcing.

But, I digress. Thanks for eating all the cookies. i mean, what is up with that? Don't you get sick of cookies by your seventh stop?

I bet you wouldn't even notice if I didn't leave you

In all seriousness, we are grateful for your generosity. We are thankful for your thoughtfulness and we are amazed by your timeliness, we still have no idea how you travel around the world in a day.

Santa, thank you for reminding us just how much we should be thankful for and for reminding us what the true meaning of Christmas is.

It's not really about you, afterall.

Safe travels, my friend.


2 random thoughts:

Mitch Block said...

Funny. We miss Santa (since Jerry's mother died) because that's where all our necessities came from. Now we have to buy socks and underwear ourselves.

Jenners said...

The Santa who comes to my house insists on cookies … in fact, she (errr, I mean HE) would be most upset if they weren't there!

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