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Monday, October 24, 2011

Right Now

Right now...I am wondering why I blog.  I probably just need to take a break.  I am approaching my 1000 post which could burn anyone out.  This post could happen before the end of the year, depending on how often I actually post.

Right now...I am listening to my husband play guitar and have the football game on in the background.

Right now...I am wearing lounge pants and a baggy t-shirt.  I just got home from hearing a wonderful presentation by Henry Winkler.  Some of you may remember him as The Fonz on Happy Days, others may only recall him as an extra in Adam Sandler movies.  My kids know him as the author of the Hank Zipzter books. 

Right now...I am thinking about making a bulletin board out one of Winkler's quotes.  Negative Thinking has no nutritional value. 

Right now...even though I am thinking that negative thinking has no nutritional value I am still feeling negative.  Why?  I don' know. 

Right now....I should be sleeping.

Good night, my friends.

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Kristie Maynard said...

Didn't realize that Henry Winkler is an author too. How cool is that. He has long been a favorite of mine. Most recently in "Royal Pains" as Hank and Evans dad. What a wonderful actor. Sounds like he may be a very good author and speaker too. Love the quote!

cjsjaksmom said...

You sound depressed! Don't be depressed!!! NOOOOO!

kt moxie said...

Take a break. I am. It's fine. I'll be back when I'm ready. I'm sure you will be too! I LOVE your posts.

becca said...

hugs honey

Gina said...

I've been reconsidering blogging lately too. Sometimes I need to take a break and recharge my batteries.

I wish I was in lounge pants right now!

Randi said...

You blog because people like me LOVE to read your blog! Even though I don't always comment, I know I can come here for a good dose of humor. As a teacher, I know that kids can be your greatest trial and your greatest joy at the same time. You capture that perfectly. I'm staying, so I hope you don't go anywhere! :)

DeepBlue said...

Well, don't we all go through these "phases". I just closed my blog two weeks ago. I plan to come back next spring but, you know... life... blablabla...

I've tried to eleminate all negative thoughts and I never really succeeded at it. I guess we cannot get rid of them. I use them now as some kind of a springboard toward more pleasant thoughts patterns. Negative thoughts help me identify my limits and mark the "territories" I don't want to wollow in.
My problem is that I focus too much on the results... if I don't get results from all my "positive thinking" fast enough, I change track easily.

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