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Friday, October 28, 2011

Lessons from the lunchlady: can I have this dance?

It's the end of the first marking period and October is almost over. As further proof that mother nature is a fickle bitch we are supposed to have 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow in time for our 1 p.m. Soccer game.

This does not lend me to believe that we are going to have any easy winter,

That being said, here's what I learned in the cafeteria this week.

Processed's what's on the menu. I don't eat processed chicken. It scares me. Most likely because I have seen this.

That being said, American school children LOVE processed chicken. It finds its way onto our school menus TWICE a week in the form of chicken balls, chicken sticks, chicken nuggets, chicken patties and tenders. What saddens me most about this, is that my own children want to buy it ALL the time. Ugh.

Don't be rude. Sometimes the lack of manners gets to me. Sometimes the down right rudeness pushes my buttons. Sometimes I have a nervous breakdown and want to writeup all the little brats in second grade as well as a few third graders. This week alone I had a kid stick their tongue out at me, kick me to get my attention, ask what is taking so long, whine because the water dispenser was empty even though the water fountain is less than 10 steps away, bark at me because their was no BBQ sauce, and stab a classmate in the hand with a fork.

Forks are a privledge, not a right. I am looking forward to next week when we no longer provide forks for third grade. Can't be responsible, than your privledge is revoked. Good luck eating your salad with a spoon.

Is it rice or oatmeal? It is never a good sign when the students can't tell what it is you just put on their tray. It's an exceptionally bad sign when the adult aides have to ask if it's oatmeal or rice. Um...I don't think the rice should stay in the shape of the scooper. That's just my opinion.

Cute kids outweigh the rude ones. We had our annual Halloween dance last night complete with crafts, pumpkin painting, and a rockin DJ. I received countless hugs from ninjas, princesses, werewolves and angry birds. One stickin' cute kindergarten pirate asked me to dance and I forgot all about the rude kids above.

What did you learn this week?

7 random thoughts:

Pat said...

I hate rude kids! Fortunately, there are nice ones to make up for the rude ones!

I learned that you don't necessarily have to have trick or treaters to buy Halloween candy.

Kristie Maynard said...

First of all, I've never seen that video before and all I can say is yuck, but he did say at the beginning that they aren't made this way in this country. That is what I heard isn't it, well either way it was totally yucky!
What I learned this week is something I already knew, but I had it reinforced, I have some truely wonderful friends! They totally ROCK!!! When I'm down they pick me up. They show concern and always want to know how I'm doing and they do some really nice little things for me. I just love my friends!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, it was too early in the morning for that video!

I'm glad the sweet kids outweigh the rude. Nice to know there's hope for the future.

becca said...

i so want you for my lunchlady

Ixy said...

I really like processed chicken at the tender age of 32, so I deliberately didn't watch the video for fear it would show me something I don't want to know. Ostrich head, meet sand.

This week I learned my 16-month old daughter is too young for timeouts, since they appear to have NO effect at all. I'm praying this is temporary and she will respond to them at some point!

DeepBlue said...

OMG! There are still romantic little men out there who fall in love with their lunchlady! Now isn't that cute or what! :P

Now that video... that was rude! But very educative too! I never, never buy process food. Almost everything is homemade in my house... but of course, that's easy for me to say: I'm not raising three kids!

Have a great week.

Amanda said...

I showed that video to my 10 yo. I think his love affair with nuggets is over.

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