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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just write Tuesday: more from my 12 year old daughter

Many of you commented on this post and told me that while the 12 year old in the story did, indeed, leave her dead mother in the car as casually as she would her McDonald's cup, I needed not to be alarmed.

That clearly there were NO similarities to my life. Just because my 12 year old wrote the story doesn't mean it is about me. Obviously. Anyone who knows me, knows I would never coach soccer; so clearly I am not the mom in this story. (said with as much conviction I can muster, which isn't really all that much.)

Since it is obviously not about me, I am posting some more of it. Enjoy.

Well when I got into town I called the police and told them about the crash and where it was. (I disguised my voice because I didn't want them to think I was pulling a prank.) Then I went to the phone book to look up Rich, John but I didn't find anything. So I resorted to the Internet. Now I know most people would have skipped the phone book and gone straight to the Internet, but I'm not most people. I looked in the phone book because if he was in the city, he would be in the phone book.

Now I need to check the state so I went to the yellow and I still couldn't find Rich, John. So then I tried the country. That didn't result in anything either. So I tried the world and finally I found one Rich, John in Panama. To be sure I refreshed the page and then he was everywhere. Then he was in Bolivia and then Australia...when the last Rich, John finally icon finally appeared in the Bahamas I began to realize that this was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

I haven't told you where I live. i live in Maine and I have to get 1) enough money for a trip to Florida and 2) I need to book a cruise to the Bahamas. The first thing I did was go to the bank and take all the money out of my savings account and my mom's savings account. I checked to see how much I had and soon realized it was only $1,072. This was going to be a problem. I needed to think of some way to make money.....

I continue to be proud of her active imagination and her desire to write her thoughts down. That being said, I still wish the mom in the story hadn't died. Part of me is a terrified to learn how this 12 year old (not my daughter) is going to earn money. Here's hoping for a very successful lemonade stand!

6 random thoughts:

Amanda said...

Love it and I love her writing voice. Keep writing girl!

Anonymous said...

she has talent...brilliant write :)

Jenners said...

This gets curiouser and curiouser. I would change my PIN number and banking passwords if I were you though. HAHA!

DeepBlue said...

I so much like your daughter. She's got her funny wacky wits from you know who! :)

Kristen said...

Just think how many mothers are whacked( or don't exist at all) in Disney movies. That should be more convincing (wink)! Maybe in 20 years, she'll have her own theme park too!

septembermom said...

She is a talented girl, like her Mama! This is great!!

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