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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hump Day Craft Post: teacher flower pots

We are finishing up teacher gifts in our house.  Each of my three kids made four of these.  They had a surprising amount of fun making them...even my 12 year old.  Above is my son working on the one he made for his teacher.  He messed one of them up (the paint ran a little) and he wasn't happy.  He couldn't even think about giving her that one.  We had to buy a new one so he could start again.  He's such a gentle, caring soul.  I hope he is always like that.

Oldest got super creative with hers.  I think the flowers are very impressive.  She decided that she was giving all of hers to the lunch ladies.  It's hard with her lunch lady  mama to argue with that.

 Middle daughter took just as much time with hers as youngest.  She went so far as to decorate one with her teacher's favorite football team logo and colors. 

Here's what they looked like all wrapped up and ready to go.  The tag said, "Thanks for helping me grow."

If you are posting a craft, leave me a link.  I'd love to pop over and visit.

5 random thoughts:

Becca said...

What a super cute idea! I love the little tag that went with them! And those flowers really are super impressive!

Amanda said...

This is very sweet of them. Especially of the oldest thinking about the lunch ladies.

septembermom said...

This is such a great idea! How adorable! The teachers will love them. Very sweet.

Kristie Maynard said...

What a great idea for teacher gifts. Some of my friends have been asking for ideas, I'll have to give them this one. I'll tell them a turtle sent it. LOL!

waytenmom said...

"thank you for helping me grow" - fabulous idea!!

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