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Monday, August 27, 2012

My son is sensitive, caring and likes things that sparkle!!!

My little boy teaches me many things.

He teaches me the importance of not caring what other people think. He acts like himself no matter who is around. He never pretends to be something he is not.

He paints his nails more than I wish he would, but I don't stop him.

He just likes the colors.

He teaches me about treating others they way you would like to be treated. He says his friends know that he's a "Tom-girl" and they don't care. He says he doesn't care what his friends like or don't like he just knows he likes them.

He likes things that sparkle.

Yesterday he wanted me to buy him a sparkly (very sparkly) best friends necklace and all I could think about was how others will make fun of him. It was two halves of a heart and they were magnetic. He wanted to give the other half to me.

I'm not proud of it but I was desperate to talk him out of it. I just didn't want him to be made fun of.

My almost 9 year old son asked me if I was embarrassed by him.


Of course, not I said.

I just don't like sparkly pink, I said.

We ended up getting gumball machines. His is teal and mine is pink. They say BFFs.

I am honored to be his BFF and I hope he knows that know matter what he does he will never embarrass me.

I love him sparkles, glitter and all!

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Monkey Man said...

thats the kind of love my mum had for me. The bond you share is what makes him strong...I say sparkle on :)

Deb said...

Awwwwww!!!! Griffin is great!!!! I wish we could all be proud of who we are and not afraid to show it.

Deb said...

Awww.... Griffin is GREAT!! I wish all of us could have that same thought and be proud of who we are and not care what others think!!! I think you have one amazing BFF!!!

Deb said...

Awww.... Griffin is GREAT!! I wish all of us could have that same thought and be proud of who we are and not care what others think!!! I think you have one amazing BFF!!!

Kristie Maynard said...

What a sweet little guy! My son is 20 now and even though he doesn't want to paint his nails etc. he still likes having me as one of his best friends and I love it. We are very close and he isn't afraid to let others know it. He will even kiss me goodbye in front of others! LOL! I am so proud of who he is. Sounds like your little guy is a lot like that!

Jon said...

That's a very lucky young man.


becca said...

you my friend are a great mom we all could learn alot from your son about being who we are. My son is alot like him he likes pink, sparkles and is comfortable in his own skin. Keep doing what you are doing you are raising a great man there. xoxo

Scattered Scrapper said...

I think that is so sweet. I often wonder why a girl who likes to get dirty, climb trees and hates dresses is just a "Tom-Boy." However, a boy who likes nail polish, sparkles and is sensitive is judged. I say let him sparkle his little heart out!

Mitchell is Moving said...

OK, Kisatrtle, it´s time for me to tell you: I love you!

You and your son are an inspiration.

Jenners said...

Oh I hear you!!! You want to protect them but let them march to their own drummer. It is a difficult path to walk but you're doing just fine!

I love the phrase "tom girl."

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