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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Post it note Tuesday - filled with laughs...okay not so much.

It's that time of the week again...POST IT NOTE TUESDAY. Are you playing along? Are you wasting words that no one is listening too. What's wrong with you?...Seriously. Click on the button at the bottom of this post to learn more about this fun event.
Don't be a Halloween hater. You used to play dress up when you were little too.

Nothing worse than a school aide who wants to be every one's buddy. Love them enough to tell them not to run. Seriously. Your mama told you.

Supah is a genius. Enough said.

OMG. My kids are killing me. Is it a full moon? Why must they hate each other!

No mail, two days this week. I'm starting to hate.

16 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I love costumes.....enough

TwentySomethingMomma said...

I'm with you on the note to Halloween-haters everywhere - lighten up and live a little! A little dress-up fun never killed anyone ( least I don't THINK it ever did...) =D

Laurie said...

I can't wait for BLerApy either - I'm beyond that sad? Quite possibly...but I don't care!!!

SparkleFarkle said...

Who in their right mind would hate Halloweenie?! There ought to be a law!

Shell said...

I love Halloween. No, not into anything other than dressing up and candy, but what could be better than that? It's fun! And my kids' costumes are adorable.

My boys are trying to kill each other daily...but they love each other.

kys said...

Same thing going on with my kids. Aargh!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

I don't know any Halloween Haters- everyone on my street has ghosts and spiders and webs all up in their yards- rather spooky!!

Visiting form PINT- cute notes!


SupahMommy said...

i hate scurry stuff


yahhh blerapy!!

and my kids

I did NOT scream at them so loud my throat hurt .. cuz i had had ENOUGH of the fighting. esp when the 6 mo old FINALLY FELL ASLEEP..

it wuzzin me.


Poolside with the Girls said...

People need to live and let live. Halloween is harmless fun. If they don't want to participate...then they shouldn't. Period. You would think it was life and death the way some people react to it. Silly right?

Kimi said...

I'm all about the Halloween! Who doesn't love the day when we all get to act like kids again and eat as much chocolate as is humanly possible!

Raine said...

The mailman hates me too :(

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hehehe this post-it stuff is really fun... I've got to get in on it next week!

And I totally feel ya about the mail, I'm starting to get suspicious about mine too.

septembermom said...

I love these post it posts! You keep me happy and smiling when I read them. I agree that a little costume fun won't hurt anyone. Also, I second the plea for kids to have a "cease fire" for at least a day!

Becca said...

I don't get the Halloween hating thing. The people I know state it is because of the meaning but HELLO!!! I am pretty sure my 3year old child has no idea about that crazy mess except that she gets to dress up and eat tons of candy. Well, what her mommy don't steal from her anyway! I can't wait!!!!

Dan said...

Halloween is a big event around here. All the nursing homes host parties, the city has a big one at the rec center, the downtown merchants dress up and give out candy all day, and then comes the night with the haunted houses and trick and treating. I typically get 90+ kids at my door that night.

Heck, I've even been known to wonder around town dressed as a wizard judging costumes.

Jenners said...

I am so with you on the Halloween Haters ... like we're all worshiping the devil. It is all about costumes and candy people ... not the devil!

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