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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How big is your inner circle?

As most of you know, I freelance for a local afternoon newspaper and as part of my job I attend school board meetings as well as township meetings.

An assistant superintendent at one of the districts I cover recently was arrested for DUI.  It happened over the Christmas holiday and according to police reports she claimed she had two drinks--nothing more.  The police report however indicated that she had slurred speech, failed to use her turn signal and crossed the center line.

She subsequently failed the field sobriety test as well as the Breathalyzer.

The entire story is very sad to me for many reasons but mostly because I want to know where her friends were.

Obviously she wasn't out alone. 

She was with either her co-workers or her girlfriends or perhaps even some family members.

Shouldn't they be held in as much contempt?

This situation made me stop and think about who is in my "inner circle"?  You know the people who you can laugh with or cry with.  The friend who will come and pick you up at 2:00 a.m. when your car won't start.  The people who know if your okay to drive home just by how you look.  The group that would shave their heads if you had to fight cancer.

Everyone needs an inner circle.

And when I'm long gone, I hope my inner circle says things like "We could always count on her."  She made us laugh, she held our hands, she just knew.

5 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I lost all those I would haver counted in my inner ciurcle...its a lonely place to be...I hope her circle steps up and helps her through this rough time.

Jenners said...

She's going to need that circle ... but it would have come in handy earlier. But I have a hard time feeling bad for drunk drivers. The stakes are just too high.

Kristie Maynard said...

Very good point! Where were those friends? Maybe they were just "lucky" enough to not be the one that got caught.
We recently had a principal of a local school in another district picked up for DUI and it really bothered me. He used to be the assistant principal at my sons middle school and he was fabulous! Then I heard that this wasn't the first time. Oh Greg! What were you thinking!!!

Becca said...

Wow. That's terrible. I wonder that about many of the "friends" I had in high school that are wrecking cars or receiving DUI's themselves because they chose to drink and drive.

I have a few friends that I know I could call if I ever needed them and they would do their best to be there for me. I hope they would think the same of me.

septembermom said...

An inner circle really can help you keep it together. It's scary to be alone when things go bad.

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