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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Little G

Today my baby turns seven!  I can't believe that he is already in the 1st grade.  It seems like yesterday we were driving home from the hospital and stopping at Wendy's for a bite to eat. 

What can I say...he's the third and I was hungry.  We really did stop there on the way home with all three kids when Little G was about 20 hours old.

On my baby's 7th birthday I am posting seven bits of useful advise.  Maybe someday he'll read these words and realize just how smart his mama is.

  1. Girls do not have cooties.  In fact, many of them can swing a light saber better than some of the boys you know.
  2. School is not something to cry about.
  3. There are no monsters in your closet.  Really.  I checked.
  4. Chocolate bars are not a breakfast food.
  5. You likely will not find a job where you can be barefoot 24/7.  Shoes are just something you have to get used to.
  6. Girls love boys who make them laugh.
  7. There is a special spot in a mama's heart for her baby boy.
Happy Birthday Little G.

4 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little man :)

Anonymous said...

Happy, thats some awesome cake.

septembermom said...

Happy Birthday to that cute guy!! The cake is terrific :) I hope he just LOVES being SEVEN!!

Jenners said...

Love the advice. As usual, you are spot on.

And I love that you stopped at Wendys ... I guess things are different with your third. A bit more relaxed. : )

Happy B-day to your boy!

P.S. The cake came out fantastic! It looks so cute!

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