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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Simple Things

I stopped by Jenners blog and found out about a lovely thing that is happening in the blogging world today—the Simple Things blog party hosted by Christina of Soul Aperture.

The idea is simple: list all the little simple things you appreciate in your life and link your post to the post over at Christina's blog.

For every blog that links up a simple things list today, Christina will donate $1.00 to Doctors Without Borders Haiti relief efforts. (She is ready to donate up to $250.00.) Isn't that a wonderful and inspiring?

So here is my list. What is yours?

  • bubble baths
  • time alone in my craft room
  • my kids laughing
  • watching snow fall
  • diet pepsi
  • seeing my byline in the paper
  • riding bikes with my kids
  • swimming
  • time to read
  • back rubs
  • pedicures
You know you want to play along....

10 random thoughts:

Cyndy said...

Hello. I am stopping by to visit today in the wake of Christina's love. Thank you for your list and for sharing the little moments that make your day, your life special. I love finding time to read, too, and was especially blessed today with an opportunity to read all of the lists and to explore new blogs. Very nice...

iasa said...

watching snow fall sounds divine

SE'LAH... said...

backrubs and pedicures...i wanna be spoiled now. lol.

stopping by from Soul Aperture.

one love.

Sherry said...

Great list! I'm a big one for bubble baths and I love pedicures and back rubs...these are such simple things that afford us so much pleasure!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful idea...

pedicures rock, dont they? love them;)

septembermom said...

I like riding bikes with my kids. Your list put a smile on my face :) I posted mine today too.

JoLyn said...

You and I sound so similar. I am also a freelance writer and many of your simple pleasures are the same as mine...time to read, seeing my byline (the kind of writing I'm doing right now doesn't get much of that, but it is a pleasure!), watching snow fall, bubble baths--I would add with no one knocking on the door and with a good book :)

Christina said...

oh yay~ bubble baths! i remember those! you made me smile with your pretty list.

Relyn said...

Though I'm a coke girl, I love your list. ha. Isn't this such fun? I love how many of us are roaming the blogroads stopping to say hello here and there. So, hello to you. Happy almost-Friday.

Jenners said...

I relate so much to your list (except byline ... I don't do that) and just remove "craft room" -- I just want time alone.

I'm glad you joined in. I thought so many of the posts were beautiful and poetic and inspiring.

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