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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine things I did on 09-09-09

In honor of the fact that I will never see this date again in my lifetime, I thought I would share with you nine things I did today. I'm sure you are jumping up and down with excitement in eager anticipation.

  1. Dusted my ceiling fans. I know I'm crazy like that. Is it wrong to admit to you that giant dust balls fell from my fan onto my bed?
  2. Five loads of laundry: For all of you out there with just one kid this may sound like a lot but for those of us with more than two kids this is just a normal "Oh crap I haven't done laundry all weekend" kind of event.
  3. Swept my kitchen floor: And here I thought my dog wasn't shedding all that much. If you would have seen what I swept up you would realize just how wrong I was.
  4. Had lunch with my good friend Jean: Egg salad and chips. I mean do I know how to entertain or do I know how to entertain.
  5. Had a doggy play date: Jean brought Olive over to play with Copper. He was very excited.
  6. Avoided the computer all day: Sorry about not commenting on your blog. I was starting to feel like I was in an episode of "Clean House" and needed to do a little work around this place.
  7. Vacuumed: After cleaning out my disgusting vacuum I vacuumed the entire upstairs. The dog is definitely shedding.
  8. Spent a combined total of 2 hours on the phone: I'm trying to sort out a medical bill and you would think that I was trying to sort out a lunar landing.
  9. Walked to the bus stop in the rain: Seems I've misplaced all of my umbrellas. Does anyone know where I can find a cute one with turtles on it?

What did you do on 09/09/09???

5 random thoughts:

Crystal said...

WOW! I cleaned too and did vinyl sayings. I think I will copy you and do this too. I also sent you an email! As for the umbrella, how about doing one yourself with vinyl? Not sure how it would work but it would look cute! LOL!

Enfys said...

Good grief girl, are you turning into a Stepford wife?
En xx

Becca said...

I like this idea for nine things on 09-09-09. You should have put a linky to it for everyone to join in! Congrats on getting so much housework done. I wish I had some motivation to do some housework ha!

Can't help you with the umbrella but it would be super cute if you can find one@

septembermom said...

I tend to lose my umbrellas too! Sounds like you very productive today in the cleaning department. I think I better get inspired too. I'm scared to see the size dust balls that will fall off my fan!

Unknown said...

What did I do? Got up early and went down to the radio station for my weekly show. Had a caller I congratulated on his 09/09/09 birthday (which means he was born 9/9/99).

BTW, I have 4 fans in the family room and master bedroom just waiting to be cleaned. Do I hear a volunteer? My normal method is to just turn them up to hurricane speed and let the dust fly - then I can just clean like normal (some are 20 feet up, ladder territory to clean any other way).

I lose umbrellas too, but I know where they are. L always takes my umbrellas and then I have to search her office to find them. Fortunately, living in the semi-desert, I don't need an umbrella often.

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