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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Writers Workshop: An Interesting Conversation and five short books

Mama Kat's workshop this week has some great prompts. If you aren't playing along, you should be.

I decided to do two prompts today. The first -- relay an interesting conversation you recently had.

Setting: An incredibly busy AT&T store; I'm with my middle daughter who is 8; my new phone is broken. I am already irritated. There are only two people "working". Employee number 1, we'll call him Tate, is busy with two gentleman closing the sale on a very expensive phone. Employee number 2, we'll call her Bambi, is flirting with one of the many story customers.

I am waiting.

Still waiting.

Idiot flirting with Bambi: "Does this phone make me look sexy?"

Me: (trying not to gag) "Ha."

Middle daughter: "What's so funny mommy?"

Me: "Just watchin a train wreck in progress."

Middle daughter: "I don't see any trains."

25 minutes after we arrive....

Tate: "Can I help you, mam?"

Me: "My phone is broke."

Tate: "Let me see that." Proceeds to remove battery and replace it. I have already done this three times and therefore have confirmed that it is broke.

Tate: "It doesn't seem to be working."

Me: "I know. I told you that."

Bambi to Tate: "Can you help me ring this? Can you help me enter this? Can you help me find this?"

She has got to be f**king joking? I've waiting 25 minutes for this idiot to tell me my phone is broken only to be interrupted by the next bachlorette who isn't capable of actually doing anything except enticing customers into the store with her manufactured breasts.

Me: "He is taking care of me right now."

Idiot flirt: "I'm in no hurry. I have to go to the DMV after this and I'm sure there's a long wait there."

Lady behind me in line: "If you talk half as much there as you talked here, you should plan on spending the day there."

Tate: (handing me a piece of paper) You are going to have to drive to this office to have your phone replaced. We can't give you one here and they will not be able to retrieve any of your contact information.

Me: "Why can't you just give me a phone from here? This is where I bought it."

Tate: "Sorry, it is more than 30 days since your purchase so you have to drive here."

Me: "That is 40 minutes away."

Tate: "This is the only place that can take care of it, mam. Your phone is broke."

Talk about customer service. They should have been bending over backwards to make me happy but instead he couldn't wait to get rid of me so he could oogle over Bambi's breasts. Here's hoping the lady behind me slugged him.

Additional Prompt: Write 5 incredibly short book

  • How to pass a budget on time - by PA governor Ed Rendell

  • A normal day in the US Senate - anonymous

  • Prison Investment strategies - by Bernie Madoff
  • Lovin' Laundry-for those who can't get enough of their washing machine

  • Famous Elves not in the Lord of the Rings - by Hermey, the dentist

7 random thoughts:

monica said...

Oh amzing what customer serve has come too. Great conversation! Stopping in from Writer's Workshop.

Enfys said...

HA! Did you know Bambi has a sister living in Solihull, England? I think her stalker followed here here as well......... you are too funny
En x

septembermom said...

You really cracked me up with this post! Bambi's breasts?? Funny. Love your short books, especially the prison investment strategies. Good job with this prompt.

Casey said...

That was funny. I hate when my cell phone breaks. It's broken right now, and that post just made me dread going to fix it even more because I know I'll be in there forever. Good job on the book prompt. I really enjoyed Hermey the elf, haha.
Great post.

Mama Kat said...

Ugh! You just reminded ME of a horrible experience I had in line at Target. Some people seriously lack in the common courtesy department.

Jenners said...

Unfortunately, that seems to be the state of customer service today!!!

And great books!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

You are hilarious, and that really does sound like a scene from a comedy. Only in which case the woman behind you would definitely have slugged him, the flirty dude would have walked into the door on his way out, and your daughter would probably have put gum in Bambi's hair... ;P

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