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Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Update: swimming, biking and phone upgrading

How did you do with your "What I'd like to accomplish list". I have to say I was able to kick my list right out to the curb.

  • Make at least 10 more scrapbook pages. I made more than 10! I made 17! The best part about house doesn't look like a crack house because I spent all weekend scrapbooking. It still actually looks pretty good around here. Do I want those British ladies from "How clean is your house" to come knocking and to check the status of my loo with a no. Do you? Below is one of those pages...I can't get it to rotate for some unknown cyberspace reason. It is from a Halloween parade my daughter was in. She is in the center pic dressed like a cat.

  • Upgrade my phone. I got my little keyboard! Finally, after months of procrastinating I got a Pantech Matrix I love this little thing! Mine is the red one and I can't stop playing with it! Here is a picture I took with my phone of Copper after a long day at the dog park. Does he look tired?
    Take the kids to the park. The weather was nicer on Saturday than it was on Sunday, but me and two of the kids ended up at the park on Sunday. Oldest wasn't feeling well and she stayed home with daddy. Here are some pics of middle daughter and her friend riding around. I also took these with my phone.

Watch one of my NETFLIX movies and post a review. I watched both movies that we had. I try to get one adult/one family movie each time. This weekend we had 10 Things I hate about you, which is about 10 years old, but Heath Ledger is so yummy in this movie who cares how old it is. We also had Three Pigs and a Baby, which was sort of a warped cartoon version of Three men and a baby. Funny. The kids seemed to like it.

Pay the handful of bills I have on the counter. Paypal Hacker can bite me. My money has been restored, he was unsuccessful. I cancelled one of my credit cards and closed my entire paypal account. Not sure if, or when, I may decide to reopen it. My bills have been taken care least for now.

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InkHearts said...

You Go Girl!!!Wow you blew me away! I got my house clean, laundry done and two cards made...not bad, but no Wendy! hehe Your phone takes great pics! Don't you love the keyboard? I have an LG EnV2 and I LOOOVVVVEEE it.


word is: undes, which is some of the laundry that I did this weekend!

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