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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A few pages I've been working on

Honestly I can't remember if I posted these or not. Sorry if they are repeats.
I wasn't really thrilled with how my photos turned out of this Disney on Ice event, but I'm still happy with the layout. I love Lumiere

I think I did post this one, but I still love it. Little G was so worried about going to the dentist that he had to sit in my lap while he had his first cleaning.

Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday. My ear if starting to feel better. I'm on an oral antibiotic and I have a cream to put in my ear. It's been a very interesting experience. Middle G has a stye on her eye and it is bothering her something fierce. Her birthday is on Thursday and we are having a swim party on Saturday. Here's hoping her eye isn't swollen shut.
Little G is fighting a virus too. He had a temp on and off today. I think we should all take it easy tomorrow. It is the last day of school.
Bring on the summer.

2 random thoughts:

Dan said...

Sounds like "Get Well Soon" is the perfect sentiment for the trtle household.

Becca said...

Well, I see your ear has started feeling better. I really don't like being behind on blogs!!! Hope the rest of the family feels better soon as well.

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