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Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Update

I didn't really do too well with my To Do List this weekend.  How did you do?

  • Finish two Disney autograph books for my friend, Jean;   I'm happy to say that I did get these done.  Jean's kids and quite a few others are going to Disney in two weeks with their grandmother.  Mom-mom is one brave woman taking 9 kids to Disney.  These are the last two I needed to make.
I have to say I have never regretted purchasing my bind-it-all and, in fact, every time I make a book, I wish I had the dreamkuts companion to go along with it.

  • Maybe go on a family hike, depending on the weather;   We took the dog to a dog park near our house and it was fun to watch him run like a deer, but only my oldest was allowed to go into the actual park.  Apparently, you have to be at least 9 years old.  The signage posted there said that it was a $600 fine if children under 9 were allowed access and since we didn't have $1200 on us, we thought it was best if I said outside the fence with the younger two.
On a side note, some random woman told my husband that the reason for the rule is, in Pennsylvania, if a dog bites anyone under the age of 9, and breaks the skin, that dog is automatically put to sleep.  In my opinion, you kind of assume a certain risk if you're hanging out in a dog park.  And why is your dog at a dog park if he might break my skin???  UGH.
Copper had a lot of fun, but me and the kids were close to frost bit by the time we left.  Maybe we should have gone to the movies.   Here are some pictures of the girls trying to walk him.

  • Find a new Sunday School class that isn't studying David.   I didn't manage to accomplish this.  Much to my annoyance I sat through another hour of poor David.  I left thinking I must have been the only one in the room who would have joined Absalom's army.
  • Finish my Disney scrapbook and start oldest's birthday invites.  I actually finished one more Disney page done, but I still have two or maybe three more to complete.  I'm hoping to get those accomplished sometime this week, but we shall see.  As for the invites, I didn't get them completed, but I did get them started. 
I'll close this with one more picture.  We are planning a big superbowl party this weekend and in honor of that I decided that Copper needed his own shirt. 

As you can tell, Copper is thrilled!  LOL

6 random thoughts:

Jenners said...

Hi! Just back from vacation and getting caught up with your blog!

Gosh -- your dog is cute! Love the shirt!

Thanks for explaining about the 9 years old was making me wonder and then you told so I'm glad. It seemed like such an arbitrary number.

You are a scrapbooking maniac! I'm amazed at what I've seen you do in the short time I've been reading your blog.

Glad your NC trip went OK.

And I'm an Eagles fan so I wasn't real thrilled with the Cardinals victory so I'll root for the Steelers since they are in the same state!

Susan said...

Love your books they are great

Enfys said...

Have a great superbowl weekend,don't forget to journal it using terms I understand. Your dog looks great, full of character, just the sort of dog for you :)

MaryNSC said...

OO U done good...I got me one I have used it one time so far..U make me want to get up and make something..:O)

Patti said...

Your are invited to view my new card post.

InkHearts said...

Wendy! Girl, your life is SOOO like mine, except I have a cat instead of a dog...right now he is piled up on DH's sportcoat that he left laying on the dresser. Anything around here that doesn't move automatically becomes "Leo's Bed-For-The-Moment!" Love the autograph books, bet they get rave reviews. Hmm...why 9 and not 10? Must be a Yankee thing! hehehe You could come to Sunday School with me...we are studying Da...wait for it.....Daniel! TADA!!!! I don't think I would join Absalom...if I remember correctly, his slovenly haircare techniques finally "caught up" with him! LOLOLOL (bad, I know...but who can resist?) I leave you with this...the word verification is asking me to spell, "sholooti"...sounds like an african tribal word for...well...YOU KNOW...hehehe

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