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Friday, January 23, 2009

What I'd like to accomplish this weekend

Can you believe it is Friday already?  I can't.  My kids did not have school on Monday and they didn't have school today and just to make sure that I'll be completely mental they don't have school on Monday.  UGH.

Today we went bowling with some friends.  Do you remember when you could bowl with four friends and bring along maybe five kids.  Today I bowled with four friends and we had 10 kids with us.  I mean WOW that is a headache in the making.

If that wasn't bad enough 8 of the kids and three of the grown ups tried to do lunch together and then I had to take my oldest daughter to the dentist to get a cavity filled.  She has three.  My dentist only wants to fix one of them because they are all in baby teeth but the kicker is the one baby tooth doesn't have a grown up tooth underneath so she will need to keep it.

My daughter will be 10 in Februrary and she screamed like she was being tortured by a Dementor at Azkaban.  After 45 minutes, the dentist finally gave up.  He couldn't get her calm enough to give her the shot of novy.  I mean, seriously, she is almost 10. 

I will admit something to you that may make you hate me.  I am not a "stroke your hair and whisper sweet things in your ear" kind of person.  I respect the fact that you may be scared of something, but I have little tolerance for your inability to "buck it up" and "get over it". 

The dentist suggested that perhaps I may need to look into a pediatric dentist, but of course there are no local ones that accept our insurance and to fill a cavity the local joint wants $300 bucks, which is ridiculous when I can get if filled for a co-pay at my own dentist.

So guess what...daddy's going to take off when the appointment rolls around again and he is going to deal with the circus because I personally think she should "get over it".  I have a lot of faith that Daddy can accomplish just that.

As for my list of what I'd like to accomplish this weekend it includes the following:

  • Finish two Disney autograph books for my friend, Jean;
  • Maybe go on a family hike, depending on the weather;
  • If the weather doesn't cooperate for the hike, take the kids to a movie
  • Find a new Sunday School class that isn't studying David; quite frankly I'm not sure why God picked David to do anything.  He (David, not God) rubs me the wrong way.
  • Finish my Disney scrapbook
  • Work on invitations to oldest's 10th birthday party...Perhaps they should have a tooth on them and say "I'm achin' to see you on my birthday."
What do you have planned?

3 random thoughts:

Enfys said...

Ha! I can relate to the tooth saga. My Edward had to have a tooth out when he was about 5, and after hours of yelling and hysterics, we had to take him to the dental hospital, where they put him out to do it. I thought the anaesthetic would knock him out and we would have welcome quiet time, but no, it made him hyper. You bet when your husband takes her, she will act like an angel, and he will come home and say he doesn't know what all the fuss was about. :) (I think David is a wimp too)
Enfys xx

Megan said...

Yo! Sorry Greta had a horrible time at the dentist! That sucks. Oh, and I read your comment. I would love to take pictures of your family! Actually, I would rather you not pay me, HAHA. I'd be grateful to be able to practice taking pictures of people and use you as guinea pigs, HAHA! I would really, really love to!

InkHearts said...

My DD had to have 5 cavities filled when she was about 8 or 9, she did pretty good, but the dentist we took her to (his name was Dr. Lamond, we later renamed him "Dr. LaMonster!")filled them with temporary filling material so we had to have them redone a year later! I won't go into all the gory details of WHY we renamed him...(a story we affectionately call "Justin's Wisdom Tooth Removal Trauma") but suffice it to say that just about the time we decided to sue him, he declared bankruptcy and is no longer a dentist. If it might help, look for a dentist that uses the Syrijet, it is a needle-less system that "jets" the local just below the surface of the gum, so that when you get the actual shot, you don't feel it. The best dentist we ever had used first a topical numbing agent, then the Syrijet, then the shot and you rarely, if ever, felt anything at all. I had quite a lot of dental work done there, root canal, two crowns and then two more crowns and three veneers. It is definitely better than the usual stuff.

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