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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ME vs. Clutter

As I've explained to my three numerous regular readers, I'm not much of a housekeeper.  In fact, I had to pause to figure out if that was one word or two words. Quite frankly it should be a four-letter word.

This week I decided that I'm tired of being overrun by CLUTTER!  I'm tired of always having to look for things because they have migrated, moved or relocated.  I'm tired of tripping over toys that no one plays with.  My kids perfer cardboard boxes and couch cushions.  Seriously.

So this week I'm doing something about it.  Today I started in my bedroom.  Poor hubby's guitar books and music stuff had no home and the dog was taking a serious likin' to them.  I managed to move some of my stuff off of our shared bookshelf and put all of his on there.

Just getting all that off the floor made the room look bigger and cleaner.  Then I reoganized my smaller bookshelf and cleaned off my dresser.

I even scrubbed the carpets with my rockin' Bissell steam cleaner.  Can you believe that?  The room looks so nice right now I just don't want to see it get messed up again.  It took me most of the day, but I did have to pause to make lunch, play three games of trouble and one of Disney Princess Wishes.  On a side note, if you ever have the opportunity to NOT buy that game, make sure you walk away.  It has WAY to many pieces for a 4+ game.  And yes, my son loves it even more than his sisters.

Speaking of youngest here he is with the dog on the bed when I had all of the shit stuff piled on top of it.  Can you find them?

Look they are making the same face...LOL
Preview:  Tomorrow I'm going to tackle cleaning up youngest's room;  I'm going to go through his toybox, his dresser and his closet.  It should be a barrel of laughs.  The only problem is we are expecting a snow storm and most likely won't have school tomorrow.  When all the kiddies are home, getting rid of excess toys becomes very difficult. Also, I have a doctor's appointment at 10:30 a.m. which may distract me, especially if I have to make last minute childcare arrangements.
Are you inspired?  Let me see how you have tackled your CLUTTER this week!

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