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Friday, March 14, 2008

Time flying and gas prices are soaring

How can it be Friday already? I'm happy about it but really, wow. This week flew by. March is half way over already. Seems my van is on the fritz...maybe it's not as big of a turtle fan as I am. Konked out shortly after I decorated it. Do you think it's a sign. Speaking of signs what is the gas price where you live? It's at $3.25 here and looking like it will be going up again before next weekend. Our family Easter plans may be on hold. To visit grandma or not to visit grandma that is the questions. Guess I'll have to find out if we have a working van by then. How did families do it with one vehicle. I mean I really don't know. They had one vehicle and seven kids and they seemed far happier a lot of the time. Do you think that was just medication? Kids helped their parents more then...mostly out of necessity I guess. I'm just trying to think about being at home, with no possible chance of leaving and having like a bus full of kids in the living room fighting. I'm not sure I could handle that. But my grandma had six; my dh's grandma had seven. They only had one car. How did they do that?? We had to squeeze all of ours into my dh's car tonight and they were so close together, they kept touching each other and kicking the seat. It was far from entertaining. You would need a bus to drive around 7 kids. Can you imagine the gas bill on that thing? How much was gas in 1947? I'm rambling aren't I. Who's reading this anyway.... I'm logging off and going to bed. Things will look brighter in the morning even with gas at $4.00--OUCH. Till next week...Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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Roz said...

Gas is $3.25. This is the price is costs to squash a dream. For the first time in my adult life, I decided to buy a car that I wanted - a car I could afford but has no practicality to it - a car I love - a car that was not economical - not environmentally friendly but not overly damaging - my car. My hubby traded in his dream truck - he was sick of driving - he was tired of paying $70 a month in gas - he was tired of paying more to kiss his adult children's asses (sorry side tracked by hitting a nerve) - he was tired of it - he traded his in for an economy car - hi miles, low gas - small, funny shaped - an economy car. Guess who drives the economy car because they drive farther to work - that is right. It costs $3.25 per gallon to end a dream.

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