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Monday, March 10, 2008

My Scrappy Happy Weekend

There is nothing quite like scrapping the weekend away with friends. I mean does it really get any better than that? Oh yeah...scrapping the weekend away with friends at the beach in an ocean front house is even better. I got 15 pages done and my face and my gut still hurt from laughing. Here's a pic of all of us together. I'm the one up front, diving to make it before the timer goes off. I'd love to hear about your best scrappin trip ever. Leave me a comment. I'll try to post some creations later.

3 random thoughts:

sammygirl9800 said...

Those women look like they have been "ridden hard and put up wet" How can you stand to hang out with them. By the way I really want to be you.

kisatrtle said...

Samantha...your mouth.... How do I hang out with you that is a good question? I've always known that you want to be me.

Roz said...

Best weekend ever, occurs every March or October - we laugh, we cry, we lose sleep, it is the greatest. I only wish I could have books as special as yours and Sam's. Can't wait til July!

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