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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Enjoying every minute is an unrealistic goal

As I said in a previous post my in laws are staying with me for a few days.

I get along pretty well with both of them. But like all company, after three days we start to get on each others nerves. This usually results in my FIL sighing a lot and my MIL sleeping alot and me dragging wine to my the bottle.

They have been a great help with the kids and they did give me an opportunity to sneak out for a much needed hair cut. My co-worker told me I looked liked Jesus so I figured it was about time for something...but that's a post for another day.

Here's the thing that drives me nuts. My MIL (along with countless others) is always telling me to "enjoy every minute because before I know it they'll be grown"


No one enjoys every minute of every day. If they say they do, they are lying.

In the last week my kids have slammed doors, over flowed two toilets, got oil pastels on the couch, spilt milk on the dog just when I didn't think he could smell worse, dumped a bottle of hot sauce, fought with each other and shattered two glasses.

I didn't enjoy much of that.

Of course, they've also shown great compassion for each other, helped me fix the toilets, laughed with me at the milk covered dog, hugged me, shared with me their worries and their hopes, and most importantly put some of the freakin groceries away.

I enjoyed that. Especially the groceries.

Recently I read this post and I think it sums up what I'm trying to explain to my MIL.

Like me, she didn't enjoy every minute. She enjoyed being a parent and maybe now she misses being needed. That's understandable.

But telling someone knee deep in garbage covered in coffee grinds who is looking for that one piece of paper that came home from school a week ago that they should enjoy their kids while they are young isn't helpful.

And never will be.

4 random thoughts:

Unknown said...

lol---i'm with you!!!

septembermom said...

I'm with you on this one, my friend. It seems like every day someone is telling me the same thing. There is joy, but a whole bunch of headaches too with my rambunctious boys especially.

Jenners said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. The key, really, is to remember to enjoy SOME of the minutes before they are gone. It is easy to let ourselves get so mired in the routine of daily life and its little miseries that we don't cut loose and just enjoy our kids. But I agree -- it is impossible and implausible to enjoy every minute.

Rebecca said...

so true been there done that

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