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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Once Upon A Time: That Still Small Voice

This week's episode focused on Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper. I must admit, I was looking forward to hearing some of Cricket's background.

In Fairytale land:

Jiminy is a young lad disgruntled by his parents thievery. He is tired of pick pocketing. The show opens with a puppet show and eludes to how Jiminy feels like a puppet controlled by his parents.

While preparing to move on in his transient life, Jiminy is approached by a young boy who offers him an umbrella to shield him from the rain. They talk about the crickets and how they sing. They talk about how free the crickets are and Jiminy longs to be as free as they are.

Enter Rumple, who apparently buys all the stolen merchandise in all of the land. He offers Jiminy an out in the form of a little vile. Give it to your parents. His payment? Just leave your parents there and I will collect them. Um...gross.

Now realize this, Jiminy's parents deserve it. My favorite line, spoken by Jiminy's dad "We steal from them, they steal from us. It's called an economy."

After much consideration, Jiminy decides he will give Rumple's vile to his parents. But after an evil slight of hand, the vile ends up in the hands of innocent parents. Jiminy is mortified. He rushes to aid those he endangered and finds that they have turned into nasty-ugly-scary-as-all-get-out-dolls.

Of course, they are the parents of the small boy, who gave him the umbrella. That boy--Geppetto

Oh crap.
Yep. These chuckie-like things are gonna visit me in my dreams - for sure!
  So like most grown men who still live with their parents, Jiminy decides that he will solve the problem by WISHING ON A STAR. Seriously?

The big breasted blue fairy returns and like the genie in Aladdin announces that there are certain wish restrictions. For example, yes to turning you into a cricket, no to bringing the boys parents back to life.
I bet Rumple could do it...just saying.

Meanwhile back in Storybrooke, Maine.

Hotty pants Sheriff Graham deputizes Emma and for a brief moment we are told that she will now have to dress like a man. Every husband being forced to watch this show gasped but then quickly exhaled once they realized that she will continue to sport those painted on jeggings.

As soon as she pins on her badge, there is a small earthquake. Okay...that's a little odd. When the scene changes to the Major/Evil Queen announcing that it was just some underground mines collapsing we were all like "Say what? How come TV shows always get cool underground mines?"

Since collapsed mines and cute kids go together like peanut butter and jelly, it doesn't take long to figure out where Henry will end up.

Best line in Storybrooke spoken by Emma to Archie: "what could be strong enough to drowned out your conscience."

With the help of Pongo (seriously?), the grown ups find a I mean an air vent. At first I was worried that once lowered, Emma would find Desmond and would be forced to enter random numbers into a computer, but alas, that did not happen.

Emma is lowered into the mine in order to rescue not only Henry but Archie too. His conscience got the better of him and he rushed in to to save the boy after first devouring an Appolo bar (Lost shoutout).

As the trio is being pulled to safety, it appears that Hopper is about to falll to his death but he saves himself by snagging onto Emma's jeggings with his umbrella. That umbrella really is lucky.
In celebration EVERYONE starts drinking elf tonic and heads to the mayors house for some apple cider. Seriously? What were they all drinking?

Archie chirps at Regina and tells her that should a custody battle be in her future it would do her well to keep him on her side. about those feelers?

We fade out with Regina dropping a piece of glass down the air vent and we watch as it bounces off of Snow White's glass coffin.

Speaking of Snow, she had a cameo in this episode that was probably less than 5 minutes, but the chemistry between her and Charming is fantastic. The only thing that feels real to him is Snow and she is drawn to him as well.

So drawn that she resigns from volunteering?? at the hospital.

I want to dislike Kathryn, David/James/Charming's wife, but she's actually

Next week, more Snow and Charming.

Thank you!

I am so glad the blue fairy granted my wish!

4 random thoughts:

Sophie said...

goodness it all sounds incredibly convoluted and complicated! I had to look it up on wikipedia to see what Storybrooke was!

septembermom said...

Awesome review. I have to tape this one. Very cool. Love that picture of the prince and Snow.

DeepBlue said...

OK! I'm confused again. Very much entertained, yet greatly confused.

But I'll remeber that "economy" means stealing from one another! Oh yes! I'll remember.

Cap'n Salty said...

Hubby and I caught up with the past episodes on Hulu this week and actually got to watch the episode today (I am posting this on Dec 4 btw) so I can't wait for your next review!

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