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Monday, July 22, 2013

Seems I'm feeling spread a little thin these days

Seems I haven't found all the time I was thinking I lost by working full time by having the summer off.

If anything, I seemed to have lost even more of it.

I was convinced that we would have thought provoking discussions on this roller coaster accident or that we might touch on the school lunch incident in India that left 22 children dead and a headmistress fleeing. I even thought we might talk about the ridiculous reporting on those Asiana pilot names .

I guess it's never to late to blog about it. Of course, every other blogger is going to be talking about the royal baby.

Here's hoping they don't go with Prince Albert. We can't have royalty named after a genital piercing.

2 random thoughts:

Mitchell is Moving said...

Shame on you for going with the "genital piercing" connotation.

I always remember the prank phone call to the tobacco shop. "Hey, do you have Prince Albert in a can?" "Yeah." "Well, let 'em out!"

Kristie Maynard said...

I've finally found a few minutes to catch up with some of my favorite blogs. Sounds like you are having a really busy summer.
Mine isn't what I expected. Mom fell on June 2nd and had to have surgery to have a rod put into the entire length of her femur. She's now in a rehab facility and will be moving to assisted living when she is able and we find one that has a room for her.
We've cleaned out her entire house and since she took a reverse mortgage on it several years ago, we don't have to sell it, just turn it over to the mortgage company. Thank goodness for that. It's been a long process, but it's all getting done and she is doing very well.
Here's hoping the rest of the summer is a little more relaxing.
Sending you smiles and sunshine!

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