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Monday, July 8, 2013

Where has summer vacation gone? What we've done so far

Is it possible that my summer break is nearly half over?


Here's what we've squeezed in so far.

Little G went to camp. The camp sign was VERY happy to see me. Seriously? Am I the only one who noticed that?

Oldest went to Hershey Park with the band, Middle G. fell in love with One Direction at a concert that tested my parking lot patience to its limit. It took us over three hours to get home. However, I think the positive memories we made outweighed the negative.

We hit the road as a family and stopped in West Virginia to visit my mom. She's all settled in and feeling at home. The kids had fun creek stomping and making s'mores.

We've been to the pool, although the weather hasn't been very cooperative. We've hung out with friends. We've said goodbye to friends. We played our last baseball game.

We played mini golf with grandparents. We've had ice cream and played in the slip and slide. We've crafted. We've scrapbooked. We've attempted some Pinterest crafts.

We've been to gymnastics class and soccer camp. We've had a few campfires and we've slept in the backyard.

We've eaten Popsicles. We've posed for countless photos. Sometimes pretending we like each other.

We fired BB guns. We took a few hikes. We swam on top of a freaking mountain. One of the most beautiful state park pools I've ever been too.

In hind sight, we've made quite a few memories.

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Mitchell is Moving said...

Wow! You sure can tell they're your kids. Beautiful and the best smiles in the world.

I cannot believe that camp sign!

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