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Monday, June 10, 2013

Graduations 2013

This year I covered three graduations for the paper and attended my oldest daughter's 8th grade promotion and reward ceremony as well as my middle daughter's 6th grade promotion.

I'm actually sort of grateful my son didn't have a 3rd grade promotion ceremony. I was starting to feel a little like Bob from The Incredibles when he says "It is not a graduation. He will simply be moved from the fourth grade to the fifth grade."

That being said let's talk about my favorite quotes from this year's events.

My first graduation was on a wonderfully warm Friday evening. Please keep in mind that warm weather brings outs the sparsely dressed. Please refer to my previous post
about not acting like an ass.

I saw just over 400 students graduate, heard six speeches and listen to another chorus rendition of "For Good" from WICKED. My favorite quote from the evening "You have the power to make a positive difference."

The next "graduation" I attended was my oldest daughter's eight grade promotion to which one speaker quoted Sydney J. Harris "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows"

While my take on the quote was far different than hers, I found myself pondering the thought process of the 14 year old mind. The frontal lobe still not fully developed. The struggle of the child trapped within the adult body. Her take on the quote included finding something within yourself to envision your full potential. i always thought it meant that you must learned not to focus solely on yourself.

That graduation included five speeches and a little over 300 8th graders.

Here's a picture of us all prior to the event.

Graduation No. 2 for the paper was at a non traditional high school designed for students who struggle in a typical classroom setting. These kids couldn't have been happier or prouder. It included just under 100 students, seven speeches only Pomp and Circumstance was played.

My favorite quote of the evening was said by the Superintendent of Record, "Every situation is a choice. You decide how you react to it."

That is often times easier said than done.

My middle daughter's promotion ceremony came next. The best speech from that event by far was given by the principal in which she relayed the story of an older fish saying to a couple of younger fish, "How's the water?" To which the younger fish reply, "what's water?"

The point of the story, at least in my mind, is that we often overlook the most important things. We often take what we couldn't live without for granted.

Friday found me at my last graduation, which to my surprised included reserved seating and a job offer. But I'll save that for another post.

My favorite quote from that night came from the superintendent. Providing advice she wished she had 33 years ago at her high school graduation she said, "Life is too hard to be lived alone. As you grow you will become more like your parents. Spend more time listening. Give back to your community. Seek balance. Build relationships. Trust your instincts. Find your passion and be true to your integrity."

This graduation included six speeches and an endearing rendition of Lean on Me.

Graduation season is about over. I plan on attending my own district's commencement ceremony tonight because I wish to hear the final address of our superintendent before she moves on to bigger and better things.

To all the graduates out there, my wish for you is that life is all that you imagined. Cure cancer. Stop wars. Live a life of passion. Make it a good one. After all, the choice is yours.

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Pat said...

All the speeches had some great advice. If only the kids would take some of it!

I LOVE the family photo! What fun!

Congrats on your kids moving "forward"!

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