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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lessons From the Lunchlady: Special Edition: hotdog day

A certain kind of crazy happens in my school cafeteria on hotdog day. I imagine that it happens elsewhere as well, but I can only speak for the kind of crazy that happens in my kitchen.

Five things you will only hear in hotdog day (hopefully)

"Hey, you broke my wiener" said a 2nd grader as he discovered his hotdog had split a little. My response, "That's so you know where to put the ketchup."

"It's time to catheterize the hotdogs," said by one of my coworkers or me as we temperature those little buggers.

"His pickle is bigger than mine," said by a kindergartener in reference to the dill spear he received with his lunch. Best response: "never compare pickles. It only leads to hurt feelings."

"I've got a wiener in my pocket," said by a first grader in a bad attempt to parody this song. This version might be better than the original.

Finally, we just can't serve hotdogs and baked beans without some little kid telling us the beans are a magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot."

One thing's for sure, I do have a lot of fun at work.

3 random thoughts:

Mitchell is Moving said...

I always hated when my wiener got broken. (I don't use ketchup.)

I love that song! Never heard it before. Now, I'm gonna pop some tags. Got a wiener in my pocket... Um...

Jon DeepBlue said...

Ah! If only it was hotdog day everyday... pun intended! ;)


Kristie Maynard said...

Gotta think fast with those little ones done you? Love the hot dog info!

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