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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My terrible, good for nothing, really bad day

I need a do over on today.

From the moment it started, it took a wrong turn.

I forgot my work badge. My kids never answer their cell phones. My house looks like crap. I can't catch up. Laundry is everywhere.

The 30lbs of carrots were frozen into a huge mass. I opened the case upside down. I snapped at my coworkers. All the produce didn't arrive. The cart carrying the produce lost three wheels at once and smashed some of the cucumbers.

Nothing was going right.

It has to get better right? Nope.

Just as I am about to have lunch, middle G's school nurse calls and says "G's tongue and throat are tingly after lunch. She gonna need to be evaluated."


"What did she eat," I asked.

"Some kiwi and a pierogie."

"Is she having trouble breathing? Does she have hives? Is her tongue swollen? Is her throat constricted?"

"No. No. No. No."

I asked to speak to her and find out what was wrong first hand. Middle G told me her tongue felt "weird" and her throat was "scratchy". I still am not sure what's going on. Sounds like a mild reaction but still scarey.

The nurse takes the phone back from Middle G and says I need to come immediately. They can't continue to monitor her or answer my questions. I need to come right now.

So I tell my coworkers that I have to bail. That Middle G has a tingly tongue and needs to go to the doctor. I leave everything as is. It's a mess. Nothing is ready for tomorrow. No paperwork is complete. No breakfast is pulled.

I get there and find one school employee comforting Middle G and the school nurse armed with an Epipen and has my daughter hooked to a heart monitor. None of which were told to me. Just that her tongue was tingly.

I asked to get the ingredients to the pierogies and then I asked if Middle G was given any Benedryl. No. They don't have any there. Sigh. This seems like such a bad idea. If administered as soon as Middle G complained her symptoms may have significantly lessened.

Even though, at this point, I'm not convinced that a doctor will do anything more than give Middle G benedryl, we leave and go to urgent care.

While stuck in traffic on the way there, Middle G vomits all over the van but immediately feels better. This makes then trip significantly less terrifying but alot more smelly.

After being quickly evaluated, Middle G is given benedryl and a steroid. We are given a precautionary script for more steriod. Doctor says it was a mild reaction. Wouldn't recommend she carry a Epipen or anything. Can't say for certain, but it is more probable the kiwi than anything else. Would need further allergy testing to confirm. She should avoid it until confirmed.

I realize that everyone reacts to things differently than others. I have seen severe food allergy reactions first hand. I KNOW that they can not be taken lightly. However, today I felt like my reaction, or lack thereof, was being judged.

That it was being implied that I was reluctant to pick up my child simply because I wanted more information.

I don't like being judged. My kid will base her reaction on my reaction. If I come in there freaking out, she will freak out.

The first thing she asked me when we got to the van? "Am I going to die?"

I told her I didn't have that planned for today and she immediately lightened up and chuckled a little. She's not stupid. She knows when adults are panicked.

I wish this was the end to my bad day but alas it is not.

The garage door jammed.

My keys got stuck in the van ignition.

When I took the spot shot out to the garage to clean up the vomit it actually broke into four pieces. Really? How does a vacuum just break?

Finally free of vomit, I came inside to a rainstorm of glass when oldest daughter knocked one of my favorite wine glasses out of the shelf. It didn't just break. It imploded.

It's also garbage day and I had to take out the trash.

And I'm out of wine.

Where is the do over button?

2 random thoughts:

Mitchell is Moving said...

Oh, no, don't ask to do this one over. Just be happy it's done! Wishing you a much better day tomorrow.

Kristie Maynard said...

When it rains it pours doesn't it? Sorry you had such a bad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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