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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Once upon a time: The Doctor

This episode jumped the shark a little for me although I'm willing to over look it since it was a Halloween episode.


Dr. Whale's bizzare behavior continues and doesn't stop even after David punches him for sleeping with his wife. Awkward. In a true show of ballsyness, Whale busts into a session between Regina and Jiminy Cricket. He wants her to send him back to his brother. He wants to know why everyone wasn't transported. Regina says the dead were left behind.

Insert cheesy Halloween music.

As if to prove her own theory wrong, Regina begins to see the dead in STORYBROOK. Mainly Daniel, her one true love, whom she apparently has been keeping bio frozen in her mausoleum. Um...that's just a little gross.

In an effort to continue to give Henry a storyline, David asks him to care for a horse. This turns out to be pivotal in this weeks story. Dr. Whale is attacked by something random and, of course, Regina finds him.

He tells her that he brought Daniel back to life but that he isn't Daniel. He's a monster.

Insert cheeses Halloween music.

Regina realizes that Daniel will likely try to find her at the stables since the last place he will recall seeing her is similar. Gasp! Henry will be there caring for a horse. I wonder is FrankenDaniel will harm him.

Both Regina and David rush off to find him. They save Henry last minute and David decides to put Daniel down. Like a sick horse, he needs to be euthanized. Regina protests. He loves her. He won't harm her.

It's sad scene follows that involves Daniel choking Regina and begging her to let him go. He tells her to love again. She says goodbye and he turns to dust.


Mulan, sleeping beauty (SB) and Emma return to the village to find all but one slaughtered. They have had their hearts removed. The only survivor? Captain Hook.

Sweet niblets...that guy is fine!!

There is a lovely scene between Hook and Emma that involves her almost cutting him through. She knows he is lying and plays him because of it. He eventually spills the entire story and offers his services to the trio.

He will help them find the enchanted compass. He will lead them there. In return, they must take him to their land with them so that he may kill the man wo took his hand....rumplestiltskin.

The women agree and Hook leads them to a beanstalk.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, Regina is training with Rumple. He wants her to kill a unicorn but she simply cannot do it. I mean they are the purest of all animals. Drinking their blood will allow you to live even in the gravest if situations, but at a cost. Oh wait...that's Harry Potter. My bad.

Rumple says she isn't ready to wield the power that comes from the dark arts. He dismisses her.

Enter Jefferson, because if we can't keep your attention with plot, we'll definately keep it with nice to look at actors. Damn. I mean, damn.

Jefferson is talking random nonsense a out nothing with Rumple in front of Regina and he overhears her ask about a spell to bring someone back from the dead.

Rumple says "dead is dead". It sounded something like this.

But alas' Jefferson says that is not the case. He knows the wizard. He can fetch him for her and he will raise her love from the dead.

The wizard??

Dumbledore? Nope Whale. How many we're disappointed it wasn't Dumbledore. So Whale shows up with this creepy accent and a desire for a magically heart.

Regina takes them to her mothers vault where she tells them her mother was sort of a collector and offers Whale any heart he wants.

Whale puts on quite a show, complete with lightening, but tells Regina that he cannot raise Daniel from the dead. Regina is crushed. She returns to Rumple in the black entire of a widow only to find him training her replacement. She pulls her heart out and crushes it. Rumple is delighted.

Of course, Regina has been played by not only Rumple but also Whale and Jefferson. He never tried to put the heart in and has kept it for himself so he can use it to bring his brother back to life. Jefferson's loyalties are questionable.

The episode ends with Dr. Frankenwhale bringing his brother to life. Complete with a HE'S ALIVE. There was even an Egor. It was just a little too much for me.

I'd rather it been Dumbledore.

But redemption lies ahead... Next week Jorge Garcia joins the cast as the giant at the top of the beanbag. One of my favorite LOST cast members and I can't wait to see the life he breathes back into this storyline.

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becca said...

this show is so good Jane is a brilliant writer I adore her she is amazing. happy Halloween

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