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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: you have over stayed your welcome

Seems my county is about to have an extended visit from Hurricane Sandy. She's one big old pile of wind and rain. It's already been raining since yesterday. Sump pump is already running.

Wind is starting to pick up.

No school today.

Already cancelled for tomorrow.

My mums are not going to make it. Especially this one.

My yard is getting kind of mushy.

I'm hoping my little trees make it and my fence. But as with a good old fashioned blizzard there really isn't much we can do except ride it out.

Fingers crossed that the electric stays on!

5 random thoughts:

Scattered Scrapper said...

Hope you all stay safe and have no major damage!

Scattered Scrapper said...

Not sure where in PA you are. Saw on the news some parts were hit hard. Hope y'all are safe!

Jenny Girl said...

I am so sick of Sandy. I know NJ got socked, but all three news channels need to do the covering...really?
Hope you and the tree made it through ok.

Jenners said...

I hope Sandy packed up and left. She visited us but barely made an impact. Seems like it is worse out your way!

Kristie Maynard said...

I just got home last night from a trip to visit a friend in Toledo. And I just caught up on your posts. Hope you have fared well through the storm. We didn't get much effect from Sandy here in the Buffalo area, but we did have a big storm of our own that came over Lake Erie. Luckily nothing like Sandy, just a ton of rain. In Toledo, we had a day of rain last Friday and just cold after that, of course until I drove home yesterday and I had rain all the way. So far all my friends on the coast are accounted for and okay.

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