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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lessons from the Lunchlady: Even One Day in the Kitchen is Educational

This week in the cafeteria, we served one day of hot lunch.  As stated in my post last week, I was told to brace for Hurricane Sandy and be prepared for a possible early release on Monday. 

Well school on Monday never materialized. 

School on Tuesday also didn't happen

We had a two hour delay on Wednesday which cancelled breakfast.

Thursday and Friday were previously scheduled teacher work days so we had school for approximately five hours.  Of which, my son, proudly announced that he watched Pippi Longstocking.  It is an excellent movie...

Here's what I learned one the only day we served lunch this week.

Only those over the age of 10 like black bean salsa.  When I mix black beans with salsa and corn the adults come a running.  Add some rice and put taco salad on the menu and you'll get some takers.  The kids...not so much.

Walk Away Tacos is a culturally diverse meal.  Me taking temps:  Rice - Mexican 167 degrees; Beans - Black - 145; Turkey - taco - 160;  bahahahaha  For some reason it made me laugh.  Maybe you had to be there.

Stupid can use a photocopier:  My co-worker was given a pamphlet at the Halloween Parade containing multiple versus of scripture and indicating that her mere presence there was proof she was going to hell.'s a parade.  It's not genocide?  It's not sacrifical offerings.  It's firetrucks and candy. 

Halloween is not a good day to have school.  There are days when kids get excited.  Right before Christmas Break.  The first snow fall.  Every freaking full moon.  Nothing compares to Halloween after having two weather emergency days.  WOW.

Seashell pasta and meatballs  Seems this meal is our lowest count and it might be on the chopping block.  What is your kids favorite school lunch meal?  Did you like school pasta when you were a kid?

What did you learn this week?

4 random thoughts:

Mary Johnson said...

I learned that I need to read your blog more :)

becca said...

my son's favorite meal is chicken of any kind and for me i always loved school pizza

Jenners said...

I am over 10 but I wouldn't come running for black bean salsa!

Mitchell is Moving said...

No surprise to me about the age limit on black bean salsa. I think I was 35 before I liked it!

As for my favorite school lunch meal: I can't believe it but I never in my life one single time ate a school. lunch!

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