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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lessons from the Lunchlady: just keep smiling...

This week included the launch of new software, multiple days of training and a Halloween dance party.

Here's what I learned:

Smiley fries always keep smiling. It seems that no matter how we try to torture them, they just keep right in smiley. We should all strive to be smiley fries.

No matter how pretty the veggies look they still go down the drain. It doesn't seem to matter how many colors you include or just how pretty the cups look. Just as many colorful ones find their way down the garbage disposal. Hey, Michelle Obama, I can make them take it, but I can't make them eat it!

Crazy sock day. It's red ribbon week. The time of the year when we learn about drugs and why we shouldnt do them. In order to celebrate it, we wear different items each day. Team jerseys to "team up against drugs" and crazy mismatched socks so we can "sock it to drugs". It's always a good day when you can dress like you're at Walmart and still get paid.

Under no circumstances can you quit. I lost my mind a little when my coworker asked if she could quit. After a rousing speech that included all the reasons why she just could not quit, she told me she was simply talking about the computer program. At least she knows now just how much we love her.

Bagging it to Sandy. I've already been instructed to plan for a bagged lunch on Monday in case of an earlier release due to the Hurricane that is barreling down upon us. Here's hoping that the Frankenstorm is a Frankendud, but it doesn't look like its gonna be.... Praying we all make it through safe and sound!

What did you learn this week?

2 random thoughts:

Mitchell is Moving said...

I need a smiley fry (or ten).

Jenners said...

Oh those poor poor smiley fries!

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